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Are you looking for the latest streetwear brands? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you some of the top new streetwear brands that are out in the market today. From classic designs to modern styles, these brands have something for everyone. So if you’re ready to update your wardrobe with the hottest looks, read on and find out which ones you should check out!

From luxury pieces to affordable indie designs, these up-and-coming designers have been making waves with their innovative styles. Whether you’re attending a party or just want to stand out from the crowd, these brands will make sure your wardrobe looks sharp and on point. So ditch those overused, big-name brands and give these fresh faces a chance – they won’t disappoint!

Mr Saturday

Although Mr Saturday has been around for a short while, this is a brand I know you wouldn’t have heard of. Through the past couple of years, it has built a steady following and in 2023, we are going to see them make a push to get the followers they need to be a successful streetwear brand. Mr Saturday continues to get stronger with each new release that pushes foundries and shows off new designs that make them more unique than most. The unique selling point of this brand is the fact that they are combining subcultures together for inclusivity whilst creating its garments from premium materials and great craftsmanship.

The founder and creative designer Joey Gollish focuses on the past nightlife cultures, from hippy culture to the 90s clubbers and then brings them into the modern style of what people are wearing daily. If you have never seen or heard of this brand, take a look as you will see a couple of examples on the streets in no time.

You Don’t Want This Life

This brand is a classic lifestyle brand that originated in Toronto USA, but then came across the pond to London and this is where it got its popularity. The brand was made collectively and inspires a mindset with powerful messaging and is for anyone who resonates with the brand. Its bold statement pieces are sure to turn heads when you are on the street with extravagant colours you wouldn’t normally see on streetwear.

This allows the brand’s logo to really stand out for everyone to know who they are and what they are about. Made from premium materials and there are even options for custom-painted designs on denim jacks for a sense of exclusivity.

The New Blue Collar

The New Blue Collar is a streetwear brand in its own league and has been at the forefront of many influencers’ radars for a while. The brand takes inspiration from the classic workwear aesthetic with a modern twist. It pushes boundaries, and we like this. What other brand would incorporate sneakers and a baseball cap with a suit and pull it off? TNBC, that’s who. Founders and creative directors Alex Ewings and Felix Llano focus on the functionality of everyday staples to redefine them into a clean and elevated aesthetic.

The whole collection is inspired by varsity which consists of shirts, caps, sweaters and much more. This is certainly a brand to be looking out for in 2023, as more people are back in the office, more will be opting for this brand.



Fradimé, short for “fractured dimensions” is definitely one of the new kids on the block, and it has hit the UK by storm with beautiful simplistic clean silhouettes with an oversized and heavyweight twist. They provide premium hoodies, tees, and sweatpants and will be also bringing out a line of accessories in 2023.

This mens streetwear brand is definitely in line with the modern man who enjoys quality clothing made from the finest materials, but also allows room to move with extreme comfort. If you are wanting to turn heads with some modern streetwear, this is the brand for you in 2023.

Gods Gift

Gods Gift is a luxury clothing brand that is going to be making more of an appearance in 2023. Made from luxury materials, it is one of the most influential brands to come out this year. The monochrome aesthetic makes it perfect for layering and adding your own personal style with accessories.

They provide a range of garms including chinos, overshirts, tees, hoodies, and joggers and they even have a line of designer footwear which completes the outfit. If you are wanting a luxury streetwear brand that is not only premium but offers sustainable options for the modern-conscious man, then you will be surprised to hear that this brand offers a conscious sustainable line.


Circulate became popular during the George Floyd protest. Creative director Corey Populus started as a store cashier and absorbed all he could from fashion before creating his own label. The brand started in 2018, but since 2020, this has become a powerful brand that will only get stronger.

With the focus being on educating people on societal issues and strong cultural figures, this brand is prepared to take on the world until the message is clear. Keep an eye out for Circulate in 2023.

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