How To Travel the World

Are you running low on money but still wanting to travel?

Traveling worldwide is usually very costly, but it doesn’t have to be if you know these ways.


4 Tips To Travel And Save Some Money At The Same Time

Here are four foolproof ways to budget travel around the world:


WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and is a worldwide non-profit organization. You can travel the world for very little money with this organization.

It is an international movement connecting tourists (WWOOFers) with organic farmers to foster cultural and educational exchanges and create a global community aware of sustainable agricultural methods.

It works in a way where people have to exchange their services through volunteering at a farm for a few hours of work daily in return for shelter and food.

The central mass expenditure while traveling is on hotels and restaurants.

Providing a means where you can get them for free can help significantly cut down on significant travel costs for the better.

If you think partaking in this requires prior knowledge or experience of farming, then the answer is NO! You can participate, and the farm host will guide you through the work. However, you need to want to learn and experience new things….and that’s about it!

WWOOF extends its services to Asia-Pacific, Europe, America, and Africa.


Couchsurfing is a popular social networking site where the hosts offer hospitality services to the users. People can interact with other people here and even request homestays. This is an excellent alternative for budget travelers.

People can access Couchsurfing’s services both from mobile applications and websites.

While the hosts don’t charge for lodging, in some countries, the users must take up a subscription to use the service.

Rather than staying aloof, you need to build a friendly relationship with them, so the duration of your stay is beneficial for both the parties – you and your host.

One thing to keep in mind is that at the end of the day, you are only responsible for your safety, as this involves staying at a stranger’s accommodations.

Their services are available in 207 countries, where the top 5 countries in which most Couchsurfers ARE Germany, France, England, Canada, and The United States.


Traveling in groups is more affordable than going on a solo trip—a great alternative for travelers who want to budget travel.

For instance, group travel companies have a lot of influence as they have contacts with accommodation providers because they bring plenty of customers at once.

Due to this, they negotiate, bargain, and help get accommodations at much cheaper rates, which wouldn’t be possible if you go on a solo trip. Not only accommodations, but they can also negotiate ticket prices and such.

Traveling in a group also doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot have time to visit destinations you separately want to.

For example, you don’t need to force people into visiting museums just because you want to, and the same goes for other people; just because the group is going for a historical monument viewing tour, you don’t have to if you are not interested.

Group tours enable the opportunity to cut down travel costs to a great extent. For example, a group can rent a car for the day, and each person can take turns driving the vehicle themselves.

It is much simpler to meet people in a tour group where everyone must travel together than on a solo trip. You may get to know your fellow passengers in a tour group while on the bus, during meals, and on your sightseeing excursions.

Another great example is that people can save significant money on food, as the group members can take turns cooking and buying dishes together.


Who wouldn’t want to stay at a posh hotel with the best views, amenities, and more? Of course, we all would like to. However, not all of us have large bank accounts.

What is the most excellent option for traveling on a tight budget?

This is an excellent way for travelers to save some money while traveling. Dormitories are rooms where a whole group can stay in a shared room.

It is also opportune as a way for people to meet new people and form bonds.

They are less expensive than hotel rooms, and most of them include kitchens, so you may prepare your inexpensive meals and save even more money.

Hostels are a terrific place to stay on a tight budget, and I discovered that you could obtain a frequently better deal than what’s listed.


Travel always doesn’t have to be a luxury; only affordable for well-off people. It is innate in human nature to wander from time to time, and you do not need to repress these needs. Follow these tips to make the most out of your travel journey in a budget-friendly way.

By Andy