MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Home to three Unesco World Heritage sites, the world proudly presents Kyrgyzstan. Known as the paradise for hikers The country has hundreds of mountain trails that attain high peaks, fantastic passes, and delightful alpine lakes. For outdoors lovers like us, this Central-Asian country has become the ideal destination.

Not only the natural beauty but Kyrgyzstan also has one more quality which attracts many international students, which is MBBS. When it comes to studying MBBS abroad, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is the wisest choice to pick out for an Indian student.

Many of the NMC approved medical universities in Kyrgyzstan with excellent education have already established a milestone for the Indian college students as well as for different overseas college students.

It is one of the best alternatives for pursuing MBBS and for completing your dream of turning into a doctor. Kyrgyzstan is considered as the cheapest country for the MBBS path in Europe.

According to Wikipedia data, the number of Indian college students studying in numerous medical universities of Kyrgyzstan is more than 16,000 college students.

The MBBS path in Kyrgyzstan runs for a complete 6 years consisting of 1 year of internship. The cost for this entire Medicine path is around 12 lakh to 15 lakh.

As the country is a great choice for Indians, there would be many people asking why we should choose Kyrgyzstan? As Indians do everything for a reason and to let know reason to all the of them here is the list of benefit of studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan :-

  1. Teacher to college students ratio withinside the universities of Kyrgyzstan is balanced and the training isn’t overpopulated to establish learning harmony.
  1. The rating of the colleges of medicine in Kyrgyzstan has a higher worldwide rating and recognition that draws a worldwide crowd.
  1. Entrance tests aren’t mandatory for admission, Students get direct admission after they clear NEET-UG.
  1. Students don’t need to fear donation prices or any hidden price to learn in Kyrgyzstan as they may now no longer be required.
  1. The faculty individuals have sensible industrial experience and the scholars get elite infrastructure to become successful doctors.
  1. The faculties offer sports activities complexes, ceremony halls, libraries, studying halls, and completely equipped laboratories.
  1. As of now, An average of 4,500 Indians are pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.
  1. MBBS duration in Kyrgyzstan is shorter than maximum of the overseas nations and the teaching medium is withinside the English language.
  1. The system of study visa acquisition, as well as the admission journey, is smoother in Kyrgyzstan.
  1. The value of living in Kyrgyzstan could be very cheap for Indian students.
  1. Almost all of the medical universities in Kyrgyzstan provide FMGE and USMLE education help for students.

Now as we are talking about studying abroad so certification is something which becomes very much essential and as indian there is something known as MCI which becomes extremely important.

The Medical Council of India (MCI) was a statutory body for organizing uniform and high requirements of medical education in India till its dissolution on 25 September 2020 when it was replaced through the National Medical Commission.

According to the brand new rule declared through the Medical Council of India (MCI), all Indian college students who desire to study medicine overseas should follow the MCI Eligibility Certificate.

And on 15th may 2019, MCI has published a list of 6 Kyrgyzstan universities which are approved by them. And studying in them can be beneficial for you as they can give you an MCI eligibility certificate.

So here is the list of 6 Kyrgyzstan university approved by MCI :-

  1. International Higher School of Medicine 

The International Higher School of Medicine is considered the most prominent college in 2003 for higher education in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

International Higher School of Medicine management staff and college individuals focus on growing a modern progressive educational organization that contributes excellent training throughout MBBS education.

MBBS Fee Structure 2022

Particular Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Tuition Fee $ 4500 $ 4500 $ 4500 $ 4500 $ 4500
Hostel Fee $ 650 $ 650 $ 650 $ 650 $ 650
Total Fees in USD $ 5150 $ 5150 $ 5150 $ 5150 $ 5150
Total Fees in Rs Rs. 3,65,650 Rs. 3,65,650 Rs. 3,65,650 Rs. 3,65,650 Rs. 3,65,650
  1. Jalalabad State Medical University 

The Jalalabad State Medical University of Jalalabad was founded in 1993 and is in the middle of higher education in diverse fields. The college has all sorts of programs for diplomas, degrees, masters and doctorates.

The college gives an extensive exposure to college students withinside the field of medicine, helping them to go to numerous hospitals to practice withinside the last years of the course. The college has numerous departments scattered throughout the city. 

MBBS Fee Structure 2022 

Particular Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Tuition Fee $ 2950 $ 2950 $ 2950 $ 2950 $ 2950
Hostel Fee $ 600 $ 600 $ 600 $ 600 $ 600
Total Fees in USD $ 3550 $ 3550 $ 3550 $ 3550 $ 3550
Total Fees in Rs Rs. 2,52,050 Rs. 2,52,050 Rs. 2,52,050 Rs. 2,52,050 Rs. 2,52,050
  1. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy 

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is the best choice to pursue MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. It is the first medical college in Kyrgyzstan. Established on April 16, 1939, Kyrgyz state medical academy is one of the oldest universities in Kyrgyzstan. The complete name of this college is I.K. Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy has an A+ ranking. With its 80+ years of teaching experience, it’s far the best option to finish your MBBS degree at a low cost.

MBBS Fee Structure 2022

Particular Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Tuition Fee $ 4500 $ 4500 $ 4500 $ 4500 $ 4500
Hostel Fee $ 600 $ 600 $ 600 $ 600 $ 600
Total Fees in USD $ 5100 $ 5100 $ 5100 $ 5100 $ 5100
Total Fees in Rs Rs. 3,62,100 Rs. 3,62,100 Rs. 3,62,100 Rs. 3,62,100 Rs. 3,62,100
  1. Osh State University

The Osh State University was established on May 24, 1951 as Osh Pedagogical State Institute. He received the popularity of University on June 17, 1992. The metropolis of Osh gives a completely unique environment for the urban campus of OshSU.

Osh State Medical University is a public medical institute in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. It was opened in 1992 following the reorganization of the Osha State Pedagogical Institute of Osh State University.

MBBS Fee Structure 2022

Particular Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Tuition Fee $ 3200 $ 3200 $ 3200 $ 3200 $ 3200
Hostel Fee $ 400 $ 400 $ 400 $ 400 $ 400
Total Fees in USD $ 3600 $ 3600 $ 3600 $ 3600 $ 3600
Total Fees in Rs Rs. 2,55,600 Rs. 2,55,600 Rs. 2,55,600 Rs. 2,55,600 Rs. 2,55,600

5. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

 For better studies, Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University is considered as one of the most outstanding universities in Kyrgyzstan. The University presents education in 45 different specialties and in 3 different areas.

The University was mounted withinside the town of Bishkek in the year 1993. Studying MBBS in Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University is easy for international college students because the mode of coaching in the college is English. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University includes lots of college students. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University is authorized and recognized through ECFMG, WHO, IMED, etc.

MBBS Fee Structure 2022

Particular Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Tuition Fee $ 2900 $ 2900 $ 2900 $ 2900 $ 2900
Hostel Fee $ 600 $ 600 $ 600 $ 600 $ 600
Total Fees in USD $ 3500 $ 3500 $ 3500 $ 3500 $ 3500
Total Fees in Rs Rs. 2,48,500 Rs. 2,48,500 Rs. 2,48,500 Rs. 2,48,500 Rs. 2,48,500
  1. Asian Medical Institute 

Asian Medical Institute is an NMC (National Medical Commission) permitted college which makes it straightforward for Indian students. It is also identified through the World Health Organization and different prestigious councils and organizations. There are three operating campuses of Asian Medical University.

It is ranked among the top 10 medical universities in Kyrgyzstan and ranks 28th amongst all universities in Kyrgyzstan. The college has a lot to provide for Indian students.

MBBS Fee Structure 2022

Particular Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Tuition Fee $ 3620 $ 3620 $ 3620 $ 3620 $ 3620
Hostel Fee $ 500 $ 500 $ 500 $ 500 $ 500
Total Fees in USD $ 4120 $ 4120 $ 4120 $ 4120 $ 4120
Total Fees in Rs Rs. 2,92,520 Rs. 2,92,520 Rs. 2,92,520 Rs. 2,92,520 Rs. 2,92,520

These were the top 6 colleges approved by MCI and help you change your fortune. With a great number of Indians already studying there you won’t feel away from home. Also these are all reputed colleges so MBBS from here can be a great addition to your resume.

As we talked about the beauty of this country you can chill out too and go on trek but keeping the main reason in mind.

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