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Writing for us at Shvong.com is quite easy. We recommend you follow the given procedure.

What we prefer before posting-

    1. Your article should be related to website category. Adult, casino, sex and gambling related not allowed.

    2. The article should have at least 700 words.

    3. Your article should be framed in minimum 5 paragraphs with subtitles (H2).

    4. The submitted post should be plagiarism free and you shall not post it on any other website after submission and acceptance from us.

    5. Every submitted post must have an featured image(width 700 pixel) along with it. The image source should be mentioned and the permissions for the image should be provided.

    6. You should also provide us with a unique author description.

    7. Also,you would have to share our websites on social platforms.

    8. max 1 dofollow links

    9. You can contact us for sponsored posts.

What we avoid publishing:

  1. Short blogs and articles with less than 700 words.

  2. Article with irrelevant content will not be entertained.

  3. Simple promotional post or marketing content.

  4. Submission without any featured image.

Send content here for publish – shvong1@gmail.com

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