New Guidelines for FSSAI and E-commerce

With the advancement of technology and the society using the same, the FSSAI being the apex food regulator in India has also expanded its ambit to include the e-commerce food applications. This sector includes applications such as Swiggy, Zomato, Uber eats, food panda and online grocers such as big basket etc. Over the years the […]

Chicken Help in Weight Loss

How does Chicken Help in Weight Loss?

People sometimes eat skinless chicken breasts in the hopes of losing weight as they are relatively high in protein and low in fat. However, simply adding them to what you already eat will not result in weight loss. To see a gradual drop in weight, one must eat chicken breasts instead of another higher-calorie food […]


Have A Look How Much Protein In An Egg?

All know that daily one egg give more energy and it is very healthy for the body. It also contains high-quality protein which needs by every person. Most of the parents prefer their kids to eat a boiled egg which produces enough protein to build healthy bones and muscles, as well as maintaining good overall […]

Worst Food Items

8 Worst Food Items and Drinks for Your Teeth

A healthy, confident and bright smile is something we all want to chase. The food which goes into your body is important to the level of importance brushing and flossing have in keeping your teeth strong, giving you a fresh breath and also provide with strong gums. At the end of day, it all comes […]