Kitchen Space

If you are someone who is looking to remodel the kitchen of your dreams, then you may want to look for some parallel modular kitchen designs. Not only do the parallel modular kitchen designs give you more walking space in your kitchen, but they also provide two kitchen platforms, making it easy for you to shift utensils from one platform to another platform within seconds. Of course, there are other modular kitchen shapes, like L-shape, U-shape, straight and Island. Still, parallel modular kitchen designs make things efficient for you as they provide storage compartments both overhead and under the countertop.

By opting for parallel modular kitchen designs, you can easily navigate through your kitchen, rather than having to travel halfway into your kitchen only to realise that’s not where you stored the box of spices. These parallel modular kitchen designs are especially in demand as they are super easy to clean (pre-Diwali house cleaning has entered the chat), and the compartments can be dismantled and re-attached without any professional help. There are a few ways you can customize your kitchen with parallel modular kitchen designs like –

  1. White parallel modular kitchen – We know white in the kitchen sounds complete nuts, but if you go for an all-white parallel modular kitchen design, it will make your kitchen space appear more airy and spacious. And if you are worried about stains, a parallel modular design with a gloss or lacquered glass finish is the answer to your problem.
  1. Wooden parallel modular kitchen with marble island top – Having wooden parallel modular kitchen platforms will give your kitchen a classy and vintage look, and if you have a big kitchen space, then you can also add an island platform in the middle with a marble top to compliment the woody vibes in the kitchen.
  1. Built-in oven and microwave – If platform and counter space is an issue, then install built-in microwave and oven at an optimal eye level for easy access. You can also build a cabinet with a door and no base for your water purifier, so you only have to open that cabinet door whenever required and keep it shut when not needed.
  1. Bar-style kitchen island – Take wine and dine to a whole level by installing a bar-style kitchen island in the middle to carry on minimal kitchen chores. You can style this countertop by placing flower vases and installing a few fancy hanging lights right above it.
  1. Handleless cabinets – It is sort of like baby-proofing your kitchen with handleless cabinets, and you also save up so much place. If you are going handleless in the kitchen, then you can install the push-to-open cabinets and opt for light pastel shades to bring out the light and space in the kitchen.

There are a few more ideas that you can incorporate to glam up your kitchen with parallel modular kitchen designs, like having a light backsplash if you have a modular wooden kitchen and installing a glass window/door in the kitchen to let the sunlight in and brighten up your spacious kitchen. You can also go for colours like yellow, orange and red in the kitchen as these colours increase people’s appetite and what place is better than your kitchen!

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