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Have you ever felt the sudden urge to clear some things in your homes to make it seem less messy and a bit more spacious? Were you inspired by the numerous pleasing photos on social media about minimalist home designs? Or have you realized that you just own quite a lot of unnecessary stuff while cleaning your house?

There are unending reasons for someone to start thinking about getting rid of several items that they own. Some throw them out while some give these items to those who can still make use of them. Taken for example, thrift shops.

Well, however someone may decide to free themselves from these unnecessary objects, decluttering is without any doubt one of the best things to do for a better home aesthetic. Since minimalist home designs are on top of the home aesthetic trend right now, you are just one declutter away from achieving that simple and spacious yet elegant looking home. Here are some of the tips and tricks on how to declutter in order to have a minimalist house design:

First things first, prepare yourself. The idea of decluttering may be easy but doing it isn’t a piece of cake. You may find yourself holding on to more items than you thought you would. Letting go of something doesn’t mean letting go of the memories that it holds. Be firm when you decide to declutter. Remember, the goal is to clear your home of as much stuff as possible.

Second, differentiate the necessities from the nonessential things. Look at the values of items for the way it is and not for the way it was. Take note, having a minimalist home is a matter of keeping what’s really useful and freeing your house from the weight of dispensable materials. Those materials do not add to aesthetics, they add to the messiness. If they seem messy, take them out. Minimalist homes are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing because it’s neat and clean to look at as there’s not much going on around.

Minimalist homes

In line with the second tip, the KonMari method of decluttering can be the perfect guide for starters. Since deciding what to get rid of is quite difficult and honestly such a pressure, let’s change the objective a little bit. This method particularly states that you must decide what needs to be kept and declutter the rest. It helps a great deal in making you see how a lot of your stuff aren’t really necessary.

Third, do not rush yourself. Decluttering is a process and a lot of people have this misconception that decluttering must be done in a limited amount of time, let me break it to you, it does not. You can free your house from a fair amount of things one at a time, piece by piece, day by day.

Fourth, separate the things you want to sell, throw or recycle. When getting rid of the things in your home, assess their worth. Ask yourself. Is it still usable? Can you make money off of it? Can you make something off of it? You bought these items for a price and even if they became unnecessary, they may still be useful for a handful of people. After all, when you think about getting a few bucks from an unused item, it motivates you to get rid of more irrelevant items.

Fifth, reevaluate what’s left. Just when you think that you’re done decluttering, you’re not. Pick a theme. Choose a color combination. This theme will help you reassess the items that you have decided to keep. Does it fit along with your home aesthetic? Does it look right? Every item that you keep must individually feel like it belongs with the rest of the house.

choose color combination

As long as you’re buying products then you should also discard things from time  to time. It is a lifelong process. Trying to have a minimalist home seems really hard during the beginning since most people have been used to being materialistic, but it is definitely worth the effort.

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When you decide to have a minimalist home design, you inevitably agree to have a minimalist lifestyle since your home is a reflection of your identity. Our environment has a significant effect in our mental well-being, it influences our perception in life and the great thing about being a minimalist is that it improves not only your home but also your mindset. It signifies how much you focus on your priorities and it gives you a sense of fulfillment. Furthermore, living less is living free from stress.


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