Online Teaching

Today, virtual learning or online classes have become the prominent feature of education. You will find lots of students in different courses and fields referring to the virtual mediums to study even though they can attend the physical classroom. Even the teachers are getting numerous advantages of teaching through these applications. Well, the convenience and efficiency of these applications is unmatchable. That is why the struggle to search for the best apps for online teaching and studying is real. But do you know which is the one of the best apps for online teaching that is not only attracting the tutors, but also various institutions towards it? Well, it is Extramarks teaching app! And if you want to know why is it the most preferred teaching app, then keep reading.

  • Easy to register — The very first step for all the teachers when utilising a virtual medium for online teaching is to register themselves as tutors on that platform. But, you are always stuck on an application because the registration process is really lengthy and super tough and you require some professional help to do so. But thankfully, Extramarks teaching app has a very simple registration process that lets you fill in your details, your qualification, your expertise in some subject and some important information during registration. This is a very short process after which you can start finding your students and teaching them in your own convenient way. 
  • Customise the application according to your preference — Most of teachers have to adjust with the online platforms for websites that they are using and are forced to teach in a certain way that they don’t prefer or like. But with Extramarks teaching apps, you can customise or personalise the application according to your preference. Like, if you prefer teaching through a whiteboard, you can install that in the application and use it during the classes. Or if you prefer opting for recorded lectures, you can do so and choose to teach the students in your own customised way. 
  • Secure and safe — Amongst the rush of applications available online, you might be searching for the best apps for online teaching that provide you a totally secure and save environment to teach. Well, Extramarks has a very secure cloud system that never reveals your or your student’s information anywhere else and keep them logged in the system for easier future reference. 
  • Incredible features — As a teacher, you are required to provide some solutions and data to your students for the course they are studying. You might want to store it in a very convenient way in an application that doesn’t leak them anywhere else and you can refer to them whenever you want. Well, with Extramarks teaching app, you can store in your solutions, data and even record your lectures and keep it in the application which are accessible only by you and your students. 

We are sure your quest for searching the best application for virtual teaching has ended here and you can now try and use Extramarks teaching app which have really made teaching so much easier for many mentors.

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