London Trip

London is an extremely exciting part of the UK, with so much to see and do, so we understand that it might feel overwhelming to try and figure out where to start. So, we’re here with a few simple tips to help you get ready for the trip so you can simply enjoy the run up and the trip itself. Let’s get into it and find out how you should be preparing for your time in London!

Book Your Transport

The first thing you should do when you have decided that you want to visit London (after you’ve sorted your travel insurance) is to book your transport for the trip. If you are already in the UK without a car, trains are one of the best and most efficient ways to travel around, and there are always options for you to get a train right into the city centre. From here, you can use the tube to get closer to your end destination. If you have a car or you are renting one whilst you’re in the UK, then choosing somewhere central to park like Grosvenor Square car park will mean you are ideally located. If you’re on a budget, there are also long haul bus journeys from as far as Scotland which are much more affordable than the train. You can get from Glasgow to London for as little as £14.90 to give you an idea of just how affordable this is! So, get your transport sorted early on and you can do the rest from there.

Stay As Centrally As Possible

Our next tip to help you get the most out of your time in London is to stay as centrally as possible. We say this because if you do choose to stay slightly further out of the city, you will end up spending probably the same amount on more transport to get you to the places you want to see. So, the best thing you can do is stay in a more affordable hotel that is more central to the areas you want to see, then walk as much as possible and use the tube where you need to. Some great places for new visitors to stay are around Covent Garden, SoHo (best for nightlife), King’s Cross or anywhere around Hyde Park. Plus, you can still do this when travelling on a budget, by booking affordable hotels or hostels, which there are plenty of in central London.

Plan Which Areas You Want To See

Next, you should vaguely plan which areas of London you want to see whilst you are in the city. London is a very big place, with so much to see and do in every place, so you need to have a rough plan to make sure that you see everything you want to. For example, perhaps give yourself half a day to explore each area and see areas that are close together, so you can make the most of your day and not waste lots of time darting across the city on different days. For example, you might do Hyde Park one morning and then head to Kensington + Chelsea which is very close. Another day, you might spend the day in SoHo and then go to Covent Garden for the evening. Before you go, just have a rough idea so you know you will make the most of your time in this fantastic city.

By Andy