Styling Tips Alert- Wear a Basic Kurta in different Ways

kurta for men

The kurta is the most popular or basic ethnic attire for men. Looking back at the history and origins of Indian clothing, we can observe the prominence of kurtas as daily comfort clothing, whether it be elegant or opulent designer kurta for men. The men’s kurta set is never out of style because it is not only cozy but also fashionable and up to date. It can be styled in a variety of ways to achieve the best appearance. Here are some of the best kurta styling ideas in different ways.

  • Wearing a kurta with a jacket — A kurta can’t be worn with many different types of clothing. The jacket, however, is an exception because it complements the appearance you want to achieve. A simple leather jacket can all be worn with the right accessories to create a stunning look. It would be simply ideal to finish off this look with a pair of sneakers or sports shoes.
  • A kurta with suitable shoes — The shoes you wear with a kurta are a crucial component of the outfit. Your overall appearance will change depending on the shoes you choose to wear. Match your shoe’s colour to that of your kurta for the best appearance, or choose a darker hue. That is, choose dark brown or brown-colored shoes if your kurta is off-white in colour. By matching other accessories with the colour scheme, you can maintain the aesthetics of your outfit.
  • Basic kurta with stole — Pairing your kurta outfit with a stole is one of the simplest ways to make it look its best. The stole gives you an elegant and regal appearance. Make sure it is stitched from the same fabric as your kurta, and use a suitable colour. You can either let it hang from your hand or sling it over your shoulder, depending on which option makes you most comfortable.
  • Kurta and blazer top – Another way to give your basic kurta for men an excellent touch is by wearing a blazer top with it. Your clothing will appear to be an Indo-western outfit with this look. Your blazer will give you a distinctive and current appearance. The outfit will be completed if you pair it with a stylish pair of brogues.
  • Kurta with jeans – Kurta for men comes in various sizes and is worn for multiple occasions. Short kurtas for men look great with jeans and denim for festive and casual occasions. You can give your basic, traditional kurta a modern twist if you pair it with jeans for work or other casual outings.
  • Kurta with Koti — Men’s kotis can make any outfit appear more traditional. The best way to add originality to your plain, simple kurta is with a koti. The occasion will determine whether you wear a plain or embroidered Koti. The Koti or waistcoat is most popular among the younger generation for weddings and sangeet ceremonies. You can color-block with the same colour family, but keep in mind that the Koti should seamlessly blend with your clothing and shouldn’t stand out as a separate item.