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When you have spent a lot of money on luxury clothing, you want to make sure that you are organising it in a way that helps to preserve everything, as well as in a way that helps to show off it’s beauty. So, get ready as we are here to give you some inspiration on the best ways you can organis your beautiful clothing so you can continue to wear and enjoy it for years to come!

Have Plenty of Hanging Space

Our very first tip to help you keep your luxury womenswear looking pristine is to make sure you have plenty of hanging space. Your luxury clothing is highly likely to be made from impeccable materials, so the last thing you want to be doing is folding your cashmere or silk. For this reason, get velvet coated hangers and hand everything that you have space to, particularly your shirts, dresses and trousers.

You can fold things like gymwear, pyjamas, denim and less expensive knitwear, but on the most part, you want to be hanging your clothing to keep it in the best possible condition.

If you have any items that are particularly delicate, like silk clothing, or luxury pieces such as luxury womens tracksuits, perhaps have those in a section together so there is no risk of them getting caught on detailing like sequins or embellishments. If you did want to keep your silk clothing in categories rather than material types, then either save the plastic coverings from your dry cleaning to place over the items or invest in clothes separators to prevent any damage!

Organise By Category and Then Colour

Our next tip is to organise your clothing by category and then colour. Not only will this be very aesthetically pleasing, but it will also make sure that everything is really easy to find.

So, an example would be to have all of your trousers hanging together in one section, and then organise them from the darkest colour to the lightest. This will look great with the gradient effect but they will also all be a similar length, which is ideal if you have custom built wardrobes that are open at the front.

Repeat this for all of your clothing and you will soon see how much easier it makes finding the perfect outfit every morning!

Organise Your Bags By Size and Shoes By Type

Now moving onto accessories! When it comes to your luxury bags, the best way to organise them is by size. You will probably want to highlight a couple of your most prized bags, but on the most part, organising them by size is the easiest way to go about things. This is because once your outfit is put together, you will probably know based on the occasion the size bag you will need to take. Alternatively, if you don’t usually need to carry much with you, then you could organise your wardrobe by colour instead if that is more your aesthetic! 

Again, with your shoes, you will probably want to show off a couple of your favourites. A good way to do this is in glass storage on top of an island in your dressing room if you have one! Then, with the rest of your shoes, we love to organise them by heel height. So, you’d start with your trainers and work your way through flat shoes and sandals, loafers, small heels, wedges and then right up to your high heels. If you only want your heels on display, have a shoe cupboard with a closed door and then have your heels in a section with an open front to really show them off!

Have A Section for Off-Season Clothes

If you are building your wardrobe from scratch and you have control over every design detail that will be in it, then we would definitely advise having a closed section of wardrobe that has hanging space, for your off season clothes. You don’t want to have all of your winter and summer clothes bunched together, so in the summer, you can keep all of your knitwear and coats in the closed section of your wardrobes so you have easy access to all of the summer clothes you are going to be wearing regularly.

Then, when the weather starts to cool down again, you can swap all of your summer clothes and bring out your winter clothes! Having this section will make life so much easier, you will be able to spread out your seasonal clothing much better and overall it will make your wardrobe look better and it will save you time.

If you’re really limited on space, you could put your less delicate clothing in vacuum bags, then give them a quick wash when its time to wear them again so they’re super fresh!

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