Smart Casual

The smart-casual dress code is a familiar outfit in 2022. Furthermore, many modern offices are encouraging this particular style for their employees and weddings are also encouraging this style.

The smart-casual look is not the easiest outfit to master. Many men will overdress and others will underdress. Most will assume a blazer or pants when they read this dress code “smart-casual”. However, there are many other items of clothing you can wear.

If you are a man that considers themselves to be quite fashionable, you probably won’t struggle with what to wear. However, if you are unsure about this modern style, you have come to the right place.

What Is Smart-Casual?

It is easy to understand why so many people get confused with the term. It is the combination of a casual style and a smart style. When it comes to a smart-casual outfit, you will constantly ask yourself, is this too dressy or underdressed?

Whatever you do, try not to overthink your outfit as there are plenty of options for this outfit. Some easy options include a pair of jeans with a shirt and smart trainers. Then wear a bomber or Harrington jacket for the additional layer. 

It is the perfect outfit for the modern office which is why you need to learn how to master it. Furthermore, it makes a good outfit when you are going for a meal at a restaurant or a few drinks at a posh bar. Tech cargos are another option for the office however, we would argue that these are slightly underdressed for a male in the office.

Different Styles of Smart-Casual?

Men’s fashion is nowhere near as good as women’s fashion however, our outfits are much easier than a woman’s. Furthermore, there are many variations of smart-casual outfits when it comes to attire although it depends on the venue. For example, the outfit you would wear at a wedding reception will be different to what you would wear at a bar or restaurant.

For the wedding reception, you need to be on the smarter side. A pair of pants with smart suede shoes should be your bottom half. For your upper half, a polo shirt or a t-shirt would look good, with a jacket as well. Moreover, there are many different t-shirt styles you can wear for this outfit. It is a fantastic look and will get you many compliments when you are there.

The outfit for a restaurant or bar will be a lot different. This look will be on the more casual side as well. This time, you want to wear a pair of jeans with smart trainers or shoes. For your top, you will need to wear a shirt and blazer. You can even wear a bomber jacket if you wish for a more fashionable piece. You could also wear drawstring trousers or cropped pants if you wanted to go with something a bit different. There are so many variations for this outfit so don’t get it wrong or you might get turned away.

To Conclude

It is time to put away those cheap men’s hoodies and level up your style. This outfit is fantastic and looks great once you get it right. If you follow our styling guide and wear the items that we have recommended then you will not go wrong.

This overall outfit is fantastic and there are many variations of this style as well. The last thing you want to do at venues which ask for a smart-casual dress code is underdressing. Underdressing will get you turned away very quickly. One final point to make with the smart-casual outfit is that you don’t need to buy designer brands.

By Andy