Date Night Outfits

Finding the perfect date night outfit can be difficult, so we are here with some inspiration for everyday night out there! From fun and flirty dates to the cinema, dinner and picnics, we’ve got you covered no matter what kind of date you’re feeling. You should never have to compromise on style for comfort on any date, which we’ve found the perfect balance of. So, let’s get into it and explore how you can look amazing and feel even better with our date night outfits.

Active Dates

If you love an active date, where there’s no pressure and you can get to know each other in a casual manner whilst doing an activity, then we’ve got just the outfit for you. Start with a pair of cycling shorts in your favourite colour, then pair with a cute crop. After this, style with a cropped sweatshirt if it’s slightly cooler. Now, it’s time to accessorise! Put on your favourite ankle socks, white trainers and a pair of gold hoops. Slick your hair back with your favourite clip and go with “clean girl makeup”; light coverage dewy skin, fluffy brows, a small smoky liner and glossy lips.

With this look, you’re ready to go for a hike, go climbing, play mini golf, go to an amusement park or do puppy yoga!

Cinema Dates

For the film lovers out there who love a cinema date, here is the ideal look! You will probably go to grab a coffee or something beforehand too, so you can have a quick chat before the film starts. So, start your look with a pair of loose-fitting cargo pants, we love either nude or khaki ones. This is such a great base for any outfit and they’ll make sure you’re comfy for the film, especially if it’s a long one! Next up, add a white long sleeve white top. Cinemas can be a bit cool, so this will make sure you’re comfy without getting chilly. Add some cute trainers and tie a hoodie round your waist in case it gets really cold. Then, go for long waves in your hair for something cute and casual.

Cinema dates can be great if you’re quite a nervous person, as you can go to the cinema first and then both have something to talk about afterwards over a drink if you want to!

Dinner Dates

If in doubt, you can never go wrong with a classic dinner date. It can be hard to know exactly what to wear for a dinner date, so we have the perfect look that will never ever let you down; little black dresses. Simple, sophisticated and ultra classy, you can dress little black dresses up or down for any occasion. Style with really simple jewellery (vintage jewellery is beautiful with a simple black dress), go with sleek hair and makeup and you could add some colour to the outfit with a brighter bag and pair of shoes. For a slightly less dressy dinner date, style with a shacket and boots. When you have a little black dress in your wardrobe, you are always going to be able to build a beautiful outfit.

Picnic Date

Last but not least, we have a picnic date. When the weather is nice and sunny, heading out for a picnic with your date is such a lovely thing to do. You could both bring your favourite foods and drinks and share them, so you can get to know a bit more about what the other person likes. Pack your food and a blanket and you’re good to do! You could go in the daytime, or you could wait until later in the evening and go out to see the sunset, which will be super romantic.

Now, onto the all-important outfit. A midi dress with puffed sleeves is a super beautiful picnic date look. This way, you will feel completely comfortable sitting down, as if you wear a very short dress or skirt, you might feel a bit uncomfortable. Go for a simple black, white or block colour dress, or go for something a bit bolder with a pattern. If it’s going to be really warm, don’t forget your floppy hat! Finish with either trainers or sandals, some beautiful jewellery and a low ponytail for a stunning picnic look that will be sure to get your date swooning!

Final Thoughts

We know that heading on a date can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know the person very well, so one thing you can control is having a great outfit to wear! Plus, these are all staple outfits that you can wear for so many occasions.

By Andy