shapewear for christmas

The curves are beautiful and beauty is certainly not a question of weight or size. Being able to wear a dress with the idea that it falls on without creases or bulges is another matter entirely.

This is why the shapewear was created. It is a type of underwear – panties, girdles, corsets – that model without mortifying the figure. It enhances the particularity of each female body, with the absence of seams. Today the shapewear market is more specific and targeted.


And why not take advantage of the next available holiday, that is Christmas, to ask your husband, your friends or relatives for a best affordable shapewear? Alternatively, you can put one of the many shapewears you find at Lover-Beauty under the tree yourself, making yourself a huge gift that will bring a lot of self-confidence in you!

So let’s go see some rules to follow to give you a happy Christmas, without running the risk of making a mistake when buying a shapewear!

How to choose the shapewear?

There are garments that reach up to your breast and contain your bust and thighs; culottes that instead stop at your belly; corsets that cover your hips. Depending on the type of body and the area you want to camouflage, you will find the most suitable shape. There are models that are real suits, which are called full body shapewear. They cover your legs and support your breasts with braces.

full body shapewear

And it is not certain that to stay comfortable it is necessary to give up different laces and patterns. From shiny materials to solutions that offer some lace, shapewear is not synonymous with little aesthetic care. On the contrary, its beauty can also be very useful as a lingerie, especially if you are considering buying a corset!

Nude or black?

When choosing the type of color for shapewear, it is important that it matches both your complexion and the dress to be worn. And from this point of view, you can only be certain if you choose to buy from the wholesale shapewear. In fact, you can find colors for every type of skin, from the lightest to the darkest.

nude color shapewear

The nude color is a great classic, but be careful to choose the right shade. Paler women will find a light pink, while darker women will be able to choose a deep brown. Black, on the other hand, is good for dark and evening dresses, so that the nuance goes totally with the fabric. What can I say, easier than that? Lover-Beauty waist trainer wholesale at now.

evening dresses

How to use it?

Shapewear is a garment that, as you may have understood, must be used under your outfits. Don’t be afraid, as its invisible seams will make sure that no one realizes what you are wearing to be so proud of your body! Yes, because a shapewear will give you the body you’ve always wanted to see under your sheath dress, thus making you a double Christmas gift!

Shapewear Swimsuit

Whether you wear it under a pair of jeans, a skirt, a t-shirt or any other garment, you can rest assured that it will not cause you any discomfort, thanks also to the closures designed to offer you the best comfort in any situation!

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