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When it comes to selecting watches, out of  a broad Brand range,the first option that pops up in our mind is either Rolex or Tudor. Though there are thousands of other brands for watches such as Seiko, Casio, Greubel and McGonicle, they make 100 watches per year or totally exclusive brands like Struthers watchmaker limited who make two watches per year. A survey done to identify the popular and quality watches brand, using the data from magazines, fashion world and brands, has clearly suggested that the world’s most valuable watch brand is Rolex. It is considered to be a luxurious watch brand in the world. When you are buying Rolex, you are actually buying a status symbol!

Of course, when we say Rolex, the next name that comes to our mind is Tudor. Rolex and Tudor have a long relationship that dates back to many decades. They are amazing brands with an inspiring history and are known for their innovations in designs and functionality. Here are all the reasons that compel customers to make their purchase:


Let’s talk about their brief history first. Hans Wilsdorf founded Rolex in 1905. Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf registered Tudor in 1926, just after 20 years of founding Rolex. He created Tudor as a more affordable brand; he intended to create more compelling and interesting products that needed to be as robust as Rolex and an affordable brand simultaneously.

The brand’s traditions and history appeal to people; this is why people often prefer to buy Rolex. Their decades’ long history and coming up with another brand, i.e. Tudor, mainly attract customers. Brands with an established history and another successful brand line in the same timeframe is a win-win in the world of marketing as it was founded in the 1900s and has been responsible for major achievements in the world of horology. In 1910 Rolex received the first ever ‘Chronometer’ ranking, achievement in precision and accuracy. Rolex/Tudor are sold in more than 100 countries, and also their total production is approximately a million watches per year. Its heritage links the brand to some of the most significant and powerful people of history and is still owned by many renowned figures.


Rolex/Tudor are of extremely good quality. Rolex’s watch movements can still work properly and accurately after several years of manufacturing. These watches are amongst the high-quality ones in the world. As its founder, Hans Wilsdorf, once said, “We want to be the first in the field, and Rolex should be seen as the one and only – the best.” This was a huge statement, and the world has seen they have achieved it. They have been recognized for their technological advancements. Their Oyster Perpetual movement is recognized as one of the finest automatic winding mechanism. Next, Rolex’s unique thing is that they do not release new models consistently; rather, they just offer a previous version of the updated model, like the most recent Rolex, is Sky-Dweller. New models from Rolex are very rare!

Tudor Rebirth

In 2010 Tudor launched the heritage chronograph: a watch that has a mark of Rolex DNA. Tudor vintage models are in great demand. Old Tudor models used to be cheap as compared to vintage Rolex watches. In 2017 extremely rare Tudor Submariner (Ref 7923) was sold at auction and set a record of getting sold for US$350,000. The most popular Tudor collections are Black Bay, the pelagos, the North flag, and the heritage. Tudor Grantour is a motor spot chronograph that was launched in 2011. Whereas Tudor Submariner was in production from 1954 until 1999. Tudor has come a long way since then!


The most important factor that people buy Rolex/Tudor watches is that they fit their style statements. Every Rolex/ Tudor watch tells a story; whether it’s business, sports or politics, each one of its models signifies something. Without having to ask a single, the watch can say a lot about the person who owns it. They are elegant and enhance your looks. They can make you steal the show!

Price Point

Several reasons affect the prices of watches. One of them is its rarity. Enthusiasts know when they are buying Tudor, they are buying a classic accessory at an attractive price. The price range starts from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. When it comes to Rolex prices, one knows what they wish to buy; the cheapest Rolex watch is the lady Oyster Perpetual, which is still priced at more than 5000.

Even when a Tudor GMT is priced at about 4000 USD, but a Rolex GMT is priced at about 9500 USD still you will find people opting for Rolex. There is a reason that Rolex has a preowned market, and it is still going strong. Since they are always in demand, the waiting lists of people wanting to buy new watches are months long. Buyers cannot leave without getting anew watch on their wrists!

Even after so many years, Rolex and Tudor have successfully kept their name intact in the market, and all the factors we have discussed, have contributed to it!

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