Global warming has been an issue for a very long time. One of those reasons is due to the world being overpopulated. Another reason is the number of cars that are on the road.

The world is taking action against global warming, with billion-pound companies looking to be more sustainable themselves. The issue with this is that it is just down to those companies to make a change. It also depends on the consumer, which is us. We need to start making changes in our lives, ensuring we are more sustainable ourselves. Nonetheless, there are many ways we can ensure we are eco-friendly.

Think About How you Purchase Items

One of the first things you need to consider is how you purchase your items. It includes the purchase of food, clothing and other items you may order regularly. Online shopping has made us very lazy, especially during the covid months. It forced many people to shop online for food even though they do not need to.

With online shopping, there are thousands of vehicles that you and many others have ordered, therefore contributing to CO2 emissions. If you start to shop locally, then you know you are not contributing as much. Start supporting your local food markets and help save the planet.

Buy The Correct Materials

Another thing you need to look out for is the materials that you buy. You can be sure that many fast fashion brands use materials that are not good for the environment simply because it is cheaper to produce the clothes. Furthermore, these sorts of materials will be created in labs using petroleum, polyester, nylon and many other materials. These are highly damaging to the environment and you must stay away from these fabrics.

Start looking for fashion brands that use organic materials and promote a sustainable production service. There are thousands of brands that promote these sorts of methods in the industry. Furthermore, there are even brands that design organic seamless gym leggings and other gym wear. It is time to start upgrading your wardrobe in a more eco-friendly way.

Second-Hand Shopping

Up next is second-hand shopping. It was once frowned upon but now that has changed a lot. More and more people are shopping from vintage stores as well as shopping on online stores such as Depop and eBay. There are many more websites where you can buy second-hand clothing, however, we advise you to visit your local city and see what the second-hand vintage stores offer there.

It isn’t just buying from vintage/ charity stores that we encourage either. We also advise you to start taking the old clothes you no longer wear to these shops and give them away or sell them. Furthermore, Depop and eBay are great platforms to earn money for your old clothes and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Time To Avoid Impulse Buying

There is one time to start avoiding impulse buying and it is safe to say that now is the time. With the festive period upon us and inflation, now is the time to stop impulse buying. Furthermore, it is not good for the planet.

Next time you see an item that is on offer, take your time to consider it before you purchase. In the future, take one or two days to consider your purchase and whether you need it. Furthermore, there is a chance that you would wear it once and then never wear it again. You don’t want to be that person that starts buying clothes for one event and then never wears them again. That goes against the sustainable lifestyle that you want to live.

Quality Over Quantity

It is time to shop for quality instead of quality. If you want to be more sustainable, you need to spend more money on high-quality clothing instead of cheap items instead. Additionally, there are a lot of brands that promote that they are sustainable brands such as Levi Jeans. They promise that their clothing is made of high-quality materials to ensure they are long-lasting. Purchasing clothes designed for long-lasting instead of clothing that is made of cheap materials will benefit you in the long run and is cost-effective.


There are many ways you can ensure you are living a more sustainable lifestyle. If you want to be more sustainable in your life, you need to look at your shopping habits first. It is these minor things that impact the world the most. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to global warming but both the consumer and the producer need to reduce CO2 emissions.

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