Old School Tattoo Designs

Tattoo lovers out there are going to love this read as today you’ll come to know the finest old school tattoos. If you aren’t aware let me tell you. Old school tattoos are known as western traditional or classic style tattoo. They are popular for their bright colors and bold lines and are very well known for their iconic designs that include anchors, roses lady heads, and much more. If you are planning to get a fine tattoo very soon then you should consider the following fantastic tattoo designs from the old school style. You’ll love reading about them.

1. Anchor Tattoos Symbolizing Strength

The anchor is a very prevalent design in the US. The tattoo represents strength and stability. They are commonly known as a relationship tattoo and are a perfect choice for couples who share the love of the sea. These tattoos are also a signification of travels and men at sea.

2. Nautical Star Tattoo as A Representation of Sea Life

The nautical star tattoo is a perfect design for sailors. Back in history, they used the nautical star to have guidance on their journey. They are a true representation of life at sea. People choose arms and wrists to have their nautical star tattoos.

3. Avian Tattoos

Avian tattoos especially the swallows are a well-known and much favorite tattoo design from the old school variety. Swallow are sea birds that fly’ miles and miles. Sea travelers usually get this avian tattoo. People are wearing such tattoos on shoulders, toes, wrists, ankles, toes, literally anywhere. They are not popular among the sailors but also those who love the sea and birds.

4. Mermaid Tattoos

These tattoos are a classic piece of designing to represent life at sea. According to legends, mermaids used to sing and trap sailors.  It is a reminder of the mystery of the pat. Mermaid tattoos are a beautiful choice to get your arm colorful. Females love this tattoo among the other old school tattoo designs.

5. Banner Tattoos

Here comes another quite famous tattoos design in the US from the old school designs. People wear this tattoo to get the names of their loved ones on their bodies. These tattoos are also associated with ribbon tattoos where people write the names of their parents, lover, or even trusty relationship.

6. Glass Bottle Tattoos

This tattoo falls among the loved ones from the old school designs. The tattoo usually on the arm or leg is a representation of sending a letter off to sea or a wild party celebration. This tattoo design also signifies the classic old school thought for those choosing a sober path. Such designs are usually incorporated with flags for the purpose of freedom celebration or travel. Those idealizing pirates usually integrate skulls and crossbones along with the design.

7. Eagle Tattoos to Represent Unity

You must have seen lots of people wearing the eagle tattoo. People wear this eagle or flag tattoo to represent their unity with the country. Many sailors and military-related individuals opt for this old school tattoo in support of freedom.

You may have such a fine and detailed tattoo with Tattoo Design Inc. A patriotic touch is given to these tattoo designs including dog tags, flags, and even the names of fallen brothers.

8. Dice Tattoo

This old school tattoo design is entirely the representation of taking chances. It signifies that life is all about taking chance and living it on the edge. So roll the dice for the lucky number and get yourself tattooed.

9. Wild Cat Tattoos

This tattoo is a very common design among old school tattoos in the US. The tattoo represents being self-confident and independent. Moreover, many females out there are opting for wild cat tattoos to signify female strength.

10. Pinup Female Figured Tattoos

Such tattoos from old school tattoo designs are a perfect representation of femininity. The design includes the incorporation of attractive and beautiful ladies to symbolize feminism. A large body part is used for wearing pinup female tattoos. People also use it in a seducing way with their skin exposed.

Final Word

These were some most loved and prevalent old school tattoos in the US. Old school tattoo designs fall among the well-known and beloved aesthetics when it comes to the tattoo community. These tattoos are all gorgeous and carry deep meanings. Not to forget that they are perfectly keeping alive the history of tattooing. The old school tattoos could never go wrong with their fine design.

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