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Have you ever wanted to play those games like TREASURE HUNT, HIDE AND SEEK which brings your childhood back? You just probably think of your childhood memories and wish they could come back. Right? We all know that “TIME GOES AND NEVER COMES BACK, THE HARDEST TRUTH OF OUR LIFE” But, what if you told you that there is something which brings back your memories and those lost times? Yes, there is this thing called an ESCAPE ROOM which you should try once in your lifetime. ESCAPE ROOM is a game that is similar to the ‘so-called’ TREASURE HUNT. You will love it once you get into the ESCAPE ROOM.

All you have to do is ESCAPE from the ROOM within the given time.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about ESCAPE ROOMS:



In the early 2000s, there were games called ESCAPE ROOMS which are popular in those times. The basic idea behind these games is Solving Mysteries and Cracking Codes.

In 2004 a person named Toahimitsu Takagi launched a game on ESCAPE ROOM called ‘CRIMSON ROOM’. TAKAGISM is the word which is derived from his name and is used to call this kind of game in Japan. CRIMSON ROOM is the online origin for ESCAPE ROOMS. A Japanese company named SCRAP which was founded by TAKAO KATO first took this idea of ESCAPE GAMES to the real world. The company had decided to take these games to physical experience.

Before coming to Europe, ESCAPE ROOMS became so popular in all parts of Asia. Only after it became sound in some parts of Asia it went to European countries.



People loved those online ESCAPE ROOM games like CRIMSON ROOM, THE ROOM, NINE HOURS-NINE PERSONS-NINE DOORS and when people got to know that there going to be a real-life experience of those online games, people went like crazy. There is a lot of difference between playing an online game and experiencing it in real life. People who used to play online games are now showing more interest in these real-time experience games. ESCAPE ROOMS are now becoming more popular in family vacations, birthday parties, etc.



A team can consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 members. The primary goal of an ESCAPE ROOM is getting out of the room within the given time frame which is about 60-minutes.

The team can choose its ESCAPE ROOM theme. If they need more thrill and unforgettable experiences they should choose the one with more difficulty level.

All the members of the team are supposed to work together and find clues and solve mysteries to get out of the room.

The ESCAPE ROOMS have a wide range of Game-sets. Unique types of sets can be as follows:

  • Space Station
  • Prison Cell
  • Mad Scientist Lab
  • Dungeon

The game starts a brief explanation of rules to the participants and they are expected to complete the game within one hour. Hints and clues are given to the participants in between the game in the form of audio or video. They can find some of the clues written on a piece of paper that is hidden inside the room. This game mainly depends on teamwork, communication, etc. To win the game one has to physically fit and even mentally as it tests some of the serious skills which a human should have.



The main theme of an ESCAPE ROOM is to give the maximum experience humanly possible to the players. The game is designed in such a way that it tests the physical as well as mental abilities of the player. The game design mainly focused on how to deal with solving puzzles, crack brainstorming codes, etc. Participating in these kinds of games takes our thinking and imagination skills to the next level. The main purpose of an escape room is to bring lifetime experience to people. This way people can have some memories of their vacations. We cannot find this kind of real-time gaming experience anywhere. People explore something new in them as they wake up their logical reasoning and physical strength together.

The game design in the ESCAPE ROOM creates our abilities to respond quickly to a CRISIS. As the game needs to be ended in 60-minutes, it helps people to know what time management is.



ESCAPE ROOMS has changed the way people look at games and entertainment. They became so popular that if you have any kind of vacation or birthday party’ people undoubtedly raise the topic of ESCAPE ROOMS. These ESCAPE ROOMS keeps people closer in all gatherings since it didn’t have much about the usage of gadgets which keep broadens the gap between people in a single room.

People nowadays are getting addicted to smartphones and smart technology which do not involve any kind of human ability to complete tasks. It is making people dumb. Phones getting smarter and people are getting dumb.

So, in these situations where people stick their eyes to a screen and play all the time, ESCAPE ROOMS brings a huge difference in the field of entertainment.

We need to use our God Given Body at least for the sake of entertainment. Playing games on the screen is not a good thing. It breaks your puzzle-solving and thinking capabilities.

Escape Rooms surely make a huge impact in the field of entertainment. These are the game-changers in the Entertainment Industry.


ESCAPE ROOMS has a good background in history. It took everyone’s attention when it was first installed. Even Entrepreneurs are now going towards ESCAPE ROOMS because it has so much potential to bring big business to them. Many countries have these ESCAPE ROOMS with a focus on providing maximum real-life adventurous experience to the people.

People soon would switch to these kinds of games in their parties and vacations as it is more appealing to anyone. From small kids to aged people together can participate in this game.

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