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Do you want to start a career in MD? This state has a lot to offer to families, teens, millennials, retirees, and young professionals. If you are looking for a job, where are the most popular cities in Maryland among job seekers and where are better chances for you to find your dream job? Explore this amazing state on the East Coast and work on your career.

Pros of moving to MD

Seeking a job is one of the main reasons why people move to Maryland, but not the only one. There are so many other pros of living in MD. If you are still having doubts about the relocation, explore more before making the final call.

  • Good job opportunities in different industries
  • A lot of outdoor activities
  • Proximity to big cities and a good location in MD
  • Highly-rated schools
  • Culture and long history
  • Delicious food
  • Different housing options

Maryland has a great location on the East Coast with many beautiful cities to explore.

The list of most popular cities in Maryland among job seekers

Where are the best and worst places to start a career, and how to choose wisely? It is not only important to have a high-paid job, but there should also be a good work-life balance. You do not have to sacrifice your personal life because of your work.

The criteria for choosing the best cities in Maryland among job seekers are:

  • Unemployment rate
  • Job growth
  • Future job growth
  • Median household income
  • Poverty rate
  • Commute time

Maryland has to offer great places where you can have both – a nice job you like and a personal life as well.

Chevy Chase

The income per capita in Chevy Chase is $88,000 which is a lot higher than the Maryland average. The unemployment rate is only 1.6% and the poverty level is 3.2%. It is a good place for young professionals and younger people looking for fun after a long day at work. At the same time, many families with kids live here as well because it is not impossible to move affordably to one of the most popular cities in Maryland among job seekers.


Gaithersburg is a town with a population of 70,000. It is one of the best places to live in MD because schools are good, the nightlife is amazing, it is good for families, and the recent job growth is high. If you are considering buying a home in Gaithersburg, it may be an option because housing is affordable.

South Kensington

The poverty rate in South Kensington is only 1.7%, and the unemployment rate is 1.4%. It has bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and beautiful parks where you can play with your kids. 89% are homeowners. Based on employment rates, job and business growth, and cost of living, South Kensington has a high score. Explore cities and choose your new home where you can find your dream job as well.


The median income per capita in Potomac is $87,000, and it has plenty of job opportunities to offer. It is a small town near Washington D.C. but it has a big heart. Besides young professionals, many families and retirees live here because it is a lovely town with a charm. Most people commute to bigger cities because they are near.


The recent job growth in Annapolis is 0.71%, while the future job growth is 36.9%. That is excellent news for job seekers in Maryland. It is not a boring city, and Baltimore is nearby. Because of that, it is one of the best cities in MD for young professionals.


Near Annapolis is Parole which has similar rates as Annapolis. The recent job growth is the same 0.71% and the future job growth is similar, 36.6%. It is one of the most popular cities in Maryland among job seekers because bigger cities are near but more affordable.


Travilah is a place near Potomac. It is located between Potomac and North Potomac. If you want a place that can offer rural vibes but still want a good career, Traviliah is one of the places to consider moving to. It is quiet and nice where everyone knows each other.

Moving to one of the MD’s cities with movers

After finding a place where you want to move, it is time to organize your relocation. How to move successfully and with ease? Moving with professional movers is one of the options to consider. Maryland has to offer plenty of moving companies. Hire a reliable and reputable mover such as Here & Now Movers from MD. Try to make a list of a couple of companies, contact and compare their services. Create your budget for moving and if it is not too big, cut some of the moving costs.

Find your new home in MD

The first step is to find a place in MD where you may find your dream job and the second step is to find a home where you will live. Every city in MD has different housing types and, of course, different average home prices. If you already own a home, you should sell your home or rent it and find a new place. The average home price in MD is around $400,000, which is above the national average.

Overall costs of living in Maryland are not the most affordable in the USA, but it has to offer a lot of jobs, schools, a strong economy, and plenty of activities in exchange. Of course, if you are moving to a smaller place in MD, you may find cheaper homes. Choosing one of the most popular cities in Maryland among job seekers is a big step, and you should prepare in advance and make a list of things you want.