Finding a new place for a living could be a great adventure. Sometimes you just had enough of someplace and you are brave enough to make a change. Finding your second home is not about picking the right place but also about changing your job and life habits. Detailed research is something you have to do and sometimes you may find yourself lost in all information you have found. Sometimes, the simplest the better. Find the place you like and after that find what you like in there, and not the other way. When we talk about the right motivation, consider why is Gaithersburg a great choice for your second home. There is more than one reason.

Washington suburb city

You can find this city in Montgomery County, Maryland. Gaithersburg’s location is to the northwest of Washington and is considered a suburb city within the Washington–Arlington–Alexandria, Metropolitan area. Gaithersburg is a great choice for your second home because of this. You can become a resident and have a calm and peaceful life in your town and at the same time, you can be just a few miles away from the metropolis. This can affect your private, social and professional life in the best way possible. Living in Gaithersburg offers its residents an urban-suburban mix feel. In Gaithersburg, there are many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. This is a family-oriented city. You will meet a great community, and that can mean a lot. Nightlife here is pretty good also and many bars and nightclubs operate throughout the city.

The city is known for many things, but there are few extraordinary ones:

  • It is the location of the garrison of the United States Army Reserve Legal Command.
  • The city is known for its ethnic and economic diversity
  • Gaithersburg is a perfect place for many large company’s business area headquarters

Gaithersburg has so much to offer

You can find everything you like here but you need to look around.  If you wonder why is Gaithersburg a great choice for your second home, remember that this city has so much to offer you. You can enjoy history, outdoor activities, nature. Make new friendships and be part of the community. Find yourself a perfect place to stay and work on your career. Start this journey by making only one decision, pack your stuff, find the right moving company and go.

Enjoy in the past

Gaithersburg is the city, like many others, dived into the eastern and western parts and it is a great choice for your second home. The eastern section includes the historic area of the town. Town has a rich history so you can explore many buildings and landmarks from the past. History can still be seen through the entire town, but especially in the historic district of Gaithersburg called “Olde Towne”. Historically Gaithersburg was settled as a small agricultural settlement known as Log Town, near the present-day Summit Hall on Ralph Crabb’s. From that time, the city developed, grew, expanded. On the east side, in the Olde Towne, you can see the City Hall, the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Lakeforest Mall, and Bohrer Park.

The west side of the city has many upper-scale neighborhoods that were designed with smart growth techniques and created by new standards of urban planning. Find your dream home in this city. All you need to do is picking the right place and pack your bags. The award-winning Kentland community, the Lakelands community, and the Washingtonian Center is known as Rio are located here. The best time to come to this area is during Black Friday and other shopping holidays for the deals and huge brand name stores like Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods. If you get bored, the state has a bus rapid transit line so you can be in Washington whenever you want.

Start your professional advancement

Gaithersburg is a great choice for your second home because it has so much to offer. If you are looking for a new job, have in mind that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is headquartered in Gaithersburg. Few other major companies including IBM, Global, AstraZeneca, Lockheed Martin Information Systems, and the French multinational corporation Sodexo. Gaithersburg is also the location of the garrison of the United States Army Reserve Legal Command. This all makes Gaithersburg one of the best places to start something new here. There are so many chances for your employment, or at least you can make great contact. The education level of the population here is pretty high due to some tech giants operating here. Over 70% of the population has at least a college degree.

Gaithersburg  is a great choice for your second home

Many factors can affect your desire to move here. Be aware of the fact that the community can help you a lot because people are open to cooperation whatever you need. They can be helpful in many situations, even when moving. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when settling in. Local movers can help you with the whole process of relocation and settling in. From packing to transport, it is for the best to rely on locals, after all, you will live with those people so it is time to start to trust them.

Price tag

When we ask ourselves why is Gaithersburg a great choice for our second home, we should consider prices that are a bit higher. This is upper scale place and that makes the median home value a bit higher than the national median remains. It is the same as the median rent price. For that price, you can live in a city that is crime-free, due to Lockheed Martin Information Systems. Also, maintaining your household and working in Gaithersburg is rewarding since the median household income is higher than the US median.

There are many more answers to the question – Why is Gaithersburg a great choice for your second home?. Besides some basic things that we are all looking for you can find a whole new world and experience a whole new adventure here. Don’t be afraid to explore and enjoy.