Moving to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as being a city that never sleeps and nothing could be more true. When visiting Las Vegas, NV, you will begin to see your perception of time vanish. Just because the sun sets does not mean the party is over. In many instances it is just beginning. For those considering the move to this 24 hour electrified hot spot, there are some things you will want to keep in mind. Here are a few things to know about Las Vegas, NV before you move in.

The State Bird is Not What You Think

Every state has a state bird and where it is true Nevada may have one as well, you would not know it in Las Vegas. The state bird of Las Vegas is a construction crane. This may seem like a joke to many, but building along the strip or virtually anywhere in Vegas takes precision and timing. Construction cranes are practically everywhere and as one building is demolished, another one will quickly take its place. Las Vegas, NV is always evolving and the lack of rain in the city ensures construction can occur 24/7, so you will see work being done on buildings at all hours. This is the reason construction in Las Vegas occurs at a lightening fast pace.

Head to the Casino, but Not the Tourist Traps

One of the most impressive sights to behold is the view of the Vegas strip will approaching the airport. You may be itching to hit the casinos and enjoy all that Vegas has to offer, but while living here, you will soon come to realize, the Vegas Strip is an insanely huge tourist attraction and not practical for everyday living. Where you will venture to the strip for the occasional show and just to be in the middle of it all, most of your activities will take place at areas outside this congested space. Locals utilize many casinos, restaurants, bars, and event venues not featured on the strip. These smaller casinos cater to locals and often offer substantial benefits such as free play opportunities and giveaways. They are also far less crowded than the more popular casinos and tend to have better payouts on machines.

Find Your Oasis

Make no mistake about it, you are moving to a desert if you move to Las Vegas, NV. It’s hot, does not rain much, and you will do well to procure your own transportation. Having your own personal vehicle allows you to go where you want to go when you want to go there and when Vegas becomes too much and you seek solace in nature, take a drive to the outskirts of Las Vegas and head into the desert land for a trip to Lake Mead. This is a hot spot for locals looking to cool off from the heat. If you find, at certain times of the year, Lake Mead is too crowded, venture up the mountain to one of the surrounding state parks. The air is cooler on the mountain and during winter, you may even be blessed with a little snow.

Homes and Rentals Might Be Cramped

Where it is true you can find your mansion oasis in Las Vegas, NV, you will pay a huge fee for that luxury. The vast majority of homeowners and renters are faced with the problem of storage. Space comes at a premium in this city and most home lots have minimal outdoor space and there is no room for outdoor storage spaces. Inside storage is limited as well and apart from a few interior closets, you might find it difficult to store items inside your home. Also, you can forget about the availability of a basement. The bedrock is hard and basement construction is impractical in Las Vegas. Most homeowners and renters invest in storage units in Las Vegas, NV to help expand space without having to get rid of their belongings.

Do Not Forget About Freemont Street

Although the Vegas strip attracts most visitors and there is certainly a lot to see and do here, but those in the know venture over to Freemont Street when they want to really enjoy themselves. Street performers, casino gaming, concerts, shopping, more can be found on Freemont Street. Additionally, each hour, on the hour, the street transforms into an amazing light show that is remarkably enjoyable. Freemont street is a pedestrian only street that features a full LED roof system that provides a lights and music each hour. Another spectacular aspect of Freemont Street is known as Slotzilla. This zip line can take you up to 11 blocks right over the pedestrian traffic below.

Tourists Pay Your Taxes

No one likes paying taxes, but they seem to be something everyone can count on. One might think that Las Vegas would be full of taxes, but most of these expenses are paid by tourists. Tourists coming into the city get taxed heavily and a large amount of change put into slot machines is devoted to funding local infrastructure around the city. Residents get a break on many taxes paid by tourists, so you can hold on to more of your money in this city while living here.

Watch for Local Resident Deals

As stated above, casinos, event venues, and most attractions tax tourists heavily, but this is another area where residents can find a break. Look for and utilize any resident deal you can find. Often, venues such as Circus Circus offer resident discounts on tickets and arm bands. All you typically have to do is show your Nevada ID. Always ask about resident discounts on goods, services, and events.

Las Vegas, NV is a large scale city with a lot to offer. Over 40 million visitors come to this location each year, but living here can be a joy. Las Vegas offers vast employment opportunities that are always evolving. Living, working, and playing in this city is something you will truly love.

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