Things to do in Austin

This is a story about Austin. The city capital of the united state of Texas, and the tenth most populated city in the whole USA. It is a place that gets together tons of different people from all life spheres. A diverse company of students, musicians, government employees, and digital marketers. This interesting city has several nicknames. One of them is The Live Music Capital of the World and it certainly describes how it feels like living there. Austin is a nice and very livable city. It can boast some of the most unconventional activities and events that you will find nowhere else in the world. To help you see the point, here are several popular and unusual things to do in Austin on weekends.

1. The Cathedral of Junk

Austin may not be on some people’s list of the best Texas cities for families, but it is certainly irreplaceable if you seek the interesting and not so ordinary activities and things to see. Thus, for example, if you happen to be visiting the south area of this city, you will have a chance to meet the famous Junk King and his Cathedral of Junk. Namely, back in 1988, an artist called Vince Hannemann decided to build one of the world’s strangest construction- out of junk of course.

This unusual building is made of all the things people would mostly consider useless. There you will find road signs, car bumpers, old cages, and even CDs, and crutches. And, the most interesting thing is it is constantly growing. The artist built this Junk Cathedral in his backyard and all the visitors that come by to see it, get a chance to enter it and explore the insides. The only problem is you need to get your entrance reservation a bit ahead. It is not a strange thing that people were turned away, simply because they didn’t reserve on time.

2. The famous Hippie Hollow Park

There are numerous great reasons why people from different parts of the world decide to come and live in Austin. Mainly it is because the city has a lot to offer, starting with food, and job opportunities, to the unavoidable and great free-time activities and attractions.

One such attraction is the Hippie Hollow Park settled northwest of Austin’s downtown area. This park was widely popular back in the 1960s, and its popularity has been growing ever since. The first thing you will notice there is the park’s stunning nature. There are walking trails, restrooms, and interesting drinking fountains. However, the most unusual things about the Hippie Hollow are its specific swimming areas. That is because those are the only clothes-optional swimming areas in the whole state of Texas. It may be the reason why all the exhibitionists who visit Austin for the first time, can’t wait to meet the place.

3. Visit the Museum of the Weird – one of the unusual things to do in Austin on weekends

For all those who are planning their first solo trip destination, Austin offers some totally crazy things to see. And when one such thing is called The Museum of the Wierd, it really sounds promising. This museum was initially meant to be a gift store of a kind, which offered some really amazing yet weird items to its customers. There were strange suits of armors, creepy things in jars, shrunken heads, and Fiji mermaids. All sorts of things people can hardly see anywhere else.

However, when the owners realized that it is much more profitable to preserve their strange items, and leave them available for the visitors who were interested only to see them, this store turned into a museum. Nowadays, it is a well-developed and expanded space which became the first destination for all first-time Austin visitors.

4. Wild Bubba’s – for all the real gourmets

If you are the kind of person who likes to try all sorts of meals, especially those unconventional ones, we have a real surprise for you. Just outside the city of Austin, there is a grill restaurant that offers a cuisine that you have hardly ever tried. Their chefs are famous for their skill in preparing unusual kinds of meat, such as kangaroo, buffalo, elk, antelope, yak, and wild boar. On the Wild Bubba’s many there is even a Zombie Burger, which, although not made of the zombie’s meat, is a one really peculiar meal. In fact, every single specialty in this place is a unique story by itself.

However, even though we highly recommend visiting this restaurant as one of the unusual things to do in Austin on weekends, you should know that on Saturdays they close at 3 o’clock pm, while on Sundays they do not work at all.

5. Peter Pan Mini-Golf

The two golf courses that were opened back in 1948 are definitely the most unusual places of that kind that were ever created. A wonderful experience, not only for the golf lovers but for all the people who are interested to try something interesting and strange. What makes these courses so unusual is the unique yet bizarre statues. As the name suggests, most of the statues represent the characters from the famous children’s book by J. M. Barrie. However, don’t be surprised if you come across a T-Rex somewhere between the sculptures of Peter Pan and his faithful friend Tinker Bell. This is because some of the other sculptures on the courses are really random.

Given the description above, this place seems like a perfect stop for every visitor, no matter the type of travel they undertake. The Peter Pan Mini-Golf will be interesting for families, solo travelers, and even group tours.

So, what do you think about our suggestions on the unusual things to do in Austin on weekends? They really sound fantastic, don’t they? We hope you will share our impressions once when you come and visit them in person. You’ll surely have a good time while enjoying the Austin weirdness.