instagram fashion trends 2020

Like it or not, fashion is one of the things that make the world go round. Wherever you go, one of the first things someone sees is your attire, so it makes sense that you want to know the trends and look good at all times.

In case you don’t know what the Instagram fashion trends for 2020 are, don’t worry, because we’ll list them in this article. This way, whether you were using Buzzoid for Instagram likes or not, you’ll be able to boost your numbers the right way.

  1. Headbands

Even if you weren’t a big fan of headbands when you were a child, they have gained a lot of traction lately. Besides being a helpful accessory that will hold your hair in its place, they have great potential to make you look like a queen.

There are many headband options out there, some more expensive than others. However, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket if you want this gorgeous hair accessory. A few dollars will do the trick, and your Instagram photos will turn out amazing.

  1. Business Blazer

Let’s be honest, a business style of clothing will make anyone look classy, and it makes it easy for your Instagram pictures to be flooded with likes. The blazer you should be looking for must have a nipped waist, with strong shoulders, and a gingham print.

It could be a little pricey, but you’ll end up with a blazer that will make an impression wherever you go and that will make people tap the heart button.

  1. Sport Sandals

While ugly at first sight, these sandals won’t fail to complete your outfit and make you look chic. If you know about the Velcro shoes, they’ve been reimagined and recreated by designers, and they’re already popular among girls who are big fashionistas.

There are so many models to choose from that it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find one that matches your tastes. In addition, your Instagram pictures will gain more likes and, who knows, you might become a huge inspiration for your fashion enthusiast followers.

  1. Tortoise Jewelry

A good outfit can’t be complete without jewelry, and one trend that seems to be emerging this year is tortoise jewelry. For a playful and colorful look, it will look just amazing, especially if you don’t mind bigger jewelry pieces.

For a funky touch in your Instagram pictures, a pair of tortoise earrings could be just what you need.

  1. Open Back Tops

Once in a while, you want to combine two styles, creating a unique look that’s hard to match. This can be done if you buy a top with an open back. Basically, it will look like a business style from the front, while from the back it will look like you’re ready to party. It will surely add some life to your Instagram posts.

If you want to make a sensation, it’s important to know the fashion trends for the year. Hopefully, your Instagram will thrive in 2020 if you’ll use the trends presented in this article.

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