Large Size Mother of The Bride Dresses

While dresses are preferred by most mothers of the bride or groom, the mother of the bride suits plus size, particularly the pantsuits are also a perfectly good option to wear to the wedding for women who like to have a different appearance in the wedding as bride’s mother. Just make sure that the pants are neither too formal nor too casual and are just the right amount of dressy. Here are four options to choose your perfect mother of the bride suits plus size.

perfect plus size suits for mother of the bride

The bold Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a modern and bolder choice of mother of the bride suits plus size. Choose a dressy jumpsuit in chiffon for that perfect flowy sleek look that is elegant, smart and classy.

The popular 3-piece pantsuits

For a more elegant and sophisticated look, a dressy mother of the bride suits plus size is the best option to choose from. It’s a more popular choice among moms of the bride and groom. A three-piece formal pantsuit usually consists of flowy pants with palazzo style wide legs which are coupled with a shell (top) that is usually more fitted and sleeveless and topped with a jacket which is soft and flowy in sync with the pants. The shell is usually the most embellished and decorated part of a 3-piece pantsuit, with the jacket pulling the whole look together making you look polished and helping you camouflage the extra pounds

The formal 2-piece pantsuits

A hybrid between the dressier jumpsuits and the soft and flowy 3-piece pantsuits. Most ladies like 2-piece pantsuits as a choice in mother of the bride suits plus size because of the more flexibility of choices that they offer. From cold shoulders to give a little oomph to the look to poncho tops to hide a bit of tummy, 2-piece pantsuits have something for everyone.

The casual pantsuits

You can choose more casual pantsuits for a small wedding, a wedding that takes place earlier in the day and for when it takes place in a home or is simply low-key. The casual pantsuit option in the mother of the bride suits plus size usually consists of a matching set of a pair of coloured pants with a print top which may or may not have a jacket.

5 reasons why you should choose pantsuits over dresses

Pantsuits are a practical and convenient choice

A wedding usually means a lot of running around attending to people and errands. A mother of the bride suits plus size pantsuit makes it easier for you to move and even bend and ensure that you are always prepared to handle an emergency like changing a tire or crawling under a table to retrieve a lost item.

Pantsuits are very appropriate

A mother of the bride suits plus size pantsuit ensures that there are no unwanted accidents while dancing or other activities by making sure you don’t show more skin than you always intend to.

Pants suits keep you warm

If the wedding is in the winter or you are generally cold prone, then a mother of the bride suits plus size pantsuit is your best bet. They keep you warm and comfortable even in the chilly weather.

Pantsuits are flattering and slimming

A pantsuit, especially the one that comes with a jacket will ensure you look your slimming best by hiding your legs and flabby arms. It also helps in camouflaging the parts with a few extra pounds giving you a tailored and classy look.


So, whenever you are faced with the dilemma, be sure to contemplate all the usefulness of a pantsuit, for they not only are a fashionable and appropriate choice but also make you look fashionable and slimmer all at the same time.

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