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The mother of the bride has a critical role to play at the wedding – executing details, planning everything, and being a go-to person for family members and guests. She is the rock on which stands the success of the wedding. But there is a point that has to be worked out as well and that is, as the mother of the bride, what should you wear at your daughter’s wedding.

Selecting your dress, whether it is a mother of the bride pant suit or a traditional gown can be confusing, simply because there are no rules and benchmarks to follow. Only a few considerations have to be taken into account like your daughter’s preferences, the bridesmaids’ gowns, and coordinating the dress with the mother of the groom, but these are flexible too. By a rule of the thumb, the final decision is a matter of what both you and your daughter would love.

Here are a few frequently asked questions on what a mother of the bride should wear.

What type of dress should the mother of the bride wear?

Mother of the bride dresses has constantly evolved. In the past, these dresses were supposed to be age-appropriate and matronly in washed-out light colors like beige and cream hues. Not anymore! Now, you can wear something that you love – with your daughter’s approval of course –and is not entirely restricted to typical wedding gowns only. Mother of the bride pant suit, trendy midis and maxis, sleek sequined evening gowns, and structured jumpsuits are the options before you today and nobody will bat an eyelid if you take your pick from one of these outfits.


Another factor that you should take into account is the season. A heavy skirt, brocade dresses, and lace sleeves in summer will leave you sweating and uncomfortable throughout the day. On the other hand, a strapless dress or a cold-shoulder one in winter is a strict no-no unless you have a wrap or a shawl around your shoulders. But a mother of the bride pant suit is an all-weather dress. Wear it as a standalone outfit in summer while the same dress with a finely embroidered bolero jacket over it will be perfect in winter.

The wedding venue also decides what you should wear. A formal setting like a black-tie church wedding requires that you should wear an upscale outfit while that for an informal occasion like a beach wedding will do with a dress or a maxi. Go by what your daughter or the bridesmaids will be wearing for a general idea of what you should be in.

What should be the color of the mother of the bride dress?

There is no specific color that you as the mother of the bride should wear. However, steer away from white, ivory, or champagne as these are typically bridal colors. Wearing these will take away the focus from your daughter and this should not be done on her great day. You can wear a mother of the bride pant suit or a dress of any color subject to the approval of your daughter. Even though white is generally avoided and kept reserved for the bride, all-white bridal party schemes are becoming very popular today and you can follow this theme if it has been decided by the bride and the groom. The important point is to be in sync with the bridal party.

Does the daughter get to select the mother of the bride dress?

Not strictly yes, but then, the final decision should be a collaborative effort between you and your daughter. She will have an idea and opinion on what you should wear but then, you should put forward your preferences too. The main point is that the mother of the bride’s attire should be both flattering and comfortable as you will have to be in it throughout the day, leave alone the dances and the constant mingling around with the guests. It is a special day for you too and you would want to look and feel your best. If your daughter prefers the traditional gown and you favor the more modern and upbeat mother of the bride pant suit, put in a collective attempt to come to an understanding.

Should the dresses of the mother of the bride and the groom match?

Not necessarily, but then the couple might prefer their mothers to wear complementary colors and discuss the outfit ideas together. Collaborating on the dress the mothers will wear will lead to a smoother process of selecting a dress and help to avoid any style mismatch. Additionally, dresses that are partly in sync with each other will make for more harmonious wedding photographs.

Summing up, before shopping for mother of the bride dresses, take your daughter into confidence. It will ensure that your dress is appropriate for the wedding. Once both of you exchange ideas and a form crystalizes, it will be easy to begin shopping for a dress that is appropriate and dear to your heart for the great day.

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