Facts About Your Childs Mouth Guard

The sports mouth guard plays an essential role in protecting your child from mouth injuries during games. And if your child is ever playing from contact sports, you know the value of sports mouthguards.

Many athletes further feel dental trauma even after wearing the mouth guards that don’t fit accurately. However, it’s necessary for the kids to wear these mouth guards to protect their teeth from injuries.

The mouthguards are helpful for the children during sports. Here are some of the facts that you need to know about the child’s mouth-protected guard.

  1. Child Mouth Safeguard Reduces the Risk of Mouth Injury

Children playing sports like football, basketball, hockey, etc. are at considerable risk of tooth injury. That’s why the most popular dentistry for kids in Katy always recommends wearing child mouth safeguard to protect from these injuries.

The mouth guards fit safely over the upper teeth and protect the face from serious issues. It covers the teeth and upper region of the face accurately and prevents injuries and teeth breakage.

2. Give Complete Protection to Upper Teeth

The child’s upper teeth are more prone to breakage, and whenever children fall, the first thing they hit the ground is the upper part of the teeth. Thus, pediatric dentists suggest wearing a mouth guard to protect the upper teeth.

The guard gives complete coverage to the upper jaw and teeth and provides complete protection for the child’s mouth. Still, it is often recommendable to wear braces and mouthguards to protect you from injury.

3. Must Replace Mouth Guard Twice in Year

Despite protective gear, the mouth guard also doesn’t work for more than six months. If you don’t care about your mouthguard, then it won’t last long. So, make sure to replace your child’s mouth safeguard after six months. Even if your child wears it for less period, still for the safer side, replace it twice in a year to protect from mouth injuries.

4. Wear Mouthguard with Braces

If your child wears braces, you just need to wear a mouthguard that allows braces to fit correctly. The child’s mouth safeguards help in proper alignment and fit correctly. The loose mouth guard may impact the braces and often cause orthodontic damage.

A loose mouthguard may cause further damage to the soft tissues of the mouth. For best fitting mouth guard, visit the best pediatric dental specialists in Katy or nearby areas.

5. The Child Mouth Guard Saves Money

Emergency dental care and emergency needs are quite expensive. One dental emergency is enough to take away your total savings. So, it’s better to wear mouth safeguard while playing sports. A safeguard helps to prevent your children from series injuries like a broken tooth, jaw fracturing, and other issues.

Moreover, it helps to save your money that you may pay for medical emergency needs.

6. Clean the Mouth Guard Regularly

Wearing a mouth guard for the long term may invite the bacteria. If your child doesn’t clean it regularly, it may have more bacteria that can affect your health. So, it’s essential to clean your mouthguard regularly.

To clean the child’s mouth safeguard, scrub it with a toothbrush in cold water. Make sure to store the safe mouth guard in the guard case and keep it dry. Also, make sure to keep it in a dry place to keep it protected.

7. Don’t Stock Mouth Guards for Long Term.

Suppose your child has a plan to play for the entire season. It’s worth investing in a custom mouth safeguard. Unfortunately, if the stock mouthguard doesn’t work for your child well, there is the possibility that it doesn’t fit properly. The child may feel uncomfortable while wearing the stocked mouthguard.

We recommend not purchasing a mouthguard until you know if your child will require one to be able to play all season.

Final Thoughts

A child’s mouthguard is vital for keeping the mouth safe and protecting your child from tooth injury. These are some of the essential facts that you may need to be aware of about mouthguards. The mouthguard saves your lot of bucks and keeps your child away from serious injuries. So, make a habit that your child must wear these mouthguards during sports.

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