Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Home remedies are the best treatment option to deal with various health issues include male issues like erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction does not allow you to get an erection that you desire for an intimate session.

Home remedies often consist of using different food items and spices. Tomatoes are one of the ingredients in food items part of home remedies. Before emptying boxes of tomatoes in supermarkets, try to understand the benefits of tomatoes, so that you get complete and clear view on their use in curing weakness in males. Let us get into details how tomatoes can help a male deal with erection issues.

Prevent prostate issues

Prostate cancer and prostate enlargement are the big issues for males in seniors behind erectile dysfunction. The lycopene, an oxidant in tomatoes kill free radicals that cause prostate cancer. Lycopene is considered one of the most potent antioxidants in the world. A study in journal cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, mentioned that males who were on tomato diet or on diet that contain tomatoes at least 10 times per week, were reporting fewer cases of prostate cancer or prostate enlargement. It was found that tomato in diet reduced chances of prostate cancer by 18 %.

The medical experts also believe that growth of cancer tumor is checked by tomato rich diet. The antioxidants in a tomato prevent the spread of tumor in prostate cancer. And a male who is able to prevent the growth of prostate cancer prolongs the healthy erection. Several studies have come to conclusion that lycopene check the spread of renal cell carcinoma, the malignant kidney tumor.

Check infertility

Infertility is also a cause behind erectile dysfunction in males. Increase tomatoes to check infertility. It has been proved through medical observations on males who were on a tomato rich diet. Tomatoes improve sperm concentration. It increases motility that is the ability of sperms to swim in semen. It keeps infertility in check. Increase in sperm count, motility and morphology of sperm keep fertility of males intact well beyond the normal period. One study even mentioned that sperm morphology increases by 40 %. The males with the healthy sperm count will see fewer symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Tomatoes check oxidation of sperm

Lycopene the oxidant in a tomato also reduces the oxidation of sperm. Oxidation of sperm causes erectile dysfunction in some males. It comes in sperm fertility problems. The trial study confirmed that there was improvement in an erectile process by as a result of sperm quality. It helps a male to check the sperm health before using Sildenafil citrate 200mg doctors prescribe for severe erection issues. First cure the sperm to get the benefit from erection boosting medicines.

Neurological causes are checked by Lycopene

Alzheimer disease is an erectile dysfunction cause in seniors. The disease stops involvement of the brain in erection process. The lycopene in tomatoes stops the further damage of the brain. At the same time, it protects healthy cells by correcting the cell corruption. The total impact is that male with Alzheimer can reduce the severity and duration of epileptic seizures.

Healthy heart boosts erection process

Healthy heart boosts the erection process by pumping blood circulation towards the pelvic area. The antioxidants in tomatoes have shown good impact on blood pressure. Preventing blood pressure from adverse impact on erection process is a big headache in mid- aged males. Besides blood pressure, tomatoes rich diet prevents a host of cardiovascular diseases. The overall benefit is smooth blood flow towards the male organ without disruption.

Good bone health for healthy

The health of bones in seniors directly impacts their sexual health. Bone weakness, joint pain; prevent a male from fully participating in an intimate session. A male who cannot perform due to any physical pain or problem, increases the chances of erectile issues in longer run. Tomato prevents bone weakness; it slows the damage to cells. As we age, the bone health and brain health play an important role in erection process.


There is no doubt the tomatoes play an important role in health of a male. Make it part of salads or use in food items to enhance taste. However, ensure that tomatoes are part of a healthy diet for overall health benefit. Use fresh tomatoes as far as possible. Frozen tomatoes are the second best option, but canned tomatoes and readymade tomato juice do not come under recommendation of healthcare experts.

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