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TikTok is an excellent social media platform with more than 800 million engaging users monthly. The chance for getting popularity among global audiences is high on this TikTok platform. TikTok has ideal audiences who can make your business popular.

When TikTok was live on the play store application, it was an entertaining medium for people to make lip-syncing videos. But as time moves, TikTok changed the minds of all people because it became an engaging medium for marketers to grow their business.

The essential points to remember to be the best on TikTok are,

  • Create audience engagement
  • Build strong trust
  • Know your goal
  • Identify your target audiences
  • Consistent and regular content on your post

In the U.S, 70% of TikTok users are under the age of 18 to 29. If your target audiences lie in that category, you can promote your account quickly.

The below article gives you the best marketing tips on TikTok to gather audiences to your profile.

#1. Catch Audience Attention From The Beginning

People on TikTok never run out of it once entered because of the great content on the For You page. When a user opens the TikTok application, they will immediately face the FYP. It gives plenty of engaging videos with different and exciting concepts. The FYP shows you never-ending videos from TikTok users all over the world.

Prepare great content with creative ideas and exciting information to capture the audience’s attention and hold on to the relationship from the beginning. Don’t forget to add a title or caption to your video. It helps to know what your video is about for your audiences. Get the focus of audiences with a simple technique of using different content ideas and stay ahead of competitions.

#2. Make It Short And Simple

Another important point is to keep your content short and simple. TikTok allows you to edit content for 15 to 60 seconds, but it is advisable to make videos for 15 seconds. Hook your audience’s attention in the first three seconds to increase TikTok video views and make them stay on your video with exciting concepts.

Know your audience’s interest and shoot videos accordingly to grab the eyeballs of your audience quickly. Explain the concept with a crystal clear video to understand your presence on TikTok. When your video looks interesting, explaining the concept within 15 seconds, users will crave seeing your videos regularly. Show your core message in all your videos to create trust and increase audience engagement.

#3. Interact with Audiences

The key factor responsible for increasing the engagement rate on TikTok is audience interaction. When you interact with your audiences and be frank about your content, the followers count automatically rises. Create content that makes audiences start the conversation. There are tremendous opportunities on TikTok to increase the engagement rate. But the best one is making your audiences leave comments and responding to them without any delay.

Interact with Audiences

Give captions that encourage your audiences to leave comments on the specific post. Clear the doubts of your audiences through the comments. When other users see your response through comments, they will follow you. If the engagement rate increases, your video ranking improves, and the TikTok algorithm pushes your video to the top of the FYP of other users.

#4. Join Challenges

The popularity on any other social media rises only if your participation in the particular platform increases. TikTok provides a way to achieve this by introducing a challenge feature. It is nothing but TikTokers preparing a video and encouraging their audiences to shoot a similar video and post on their account. The For You page gives you thousands of challenges, and you can choose one related to your niche. Join the challenge by making some unique things to grab the audience’s attention.

Join Challenges

You can either participate in challenges or make your own challenge. But before making your challenges, join existing challenges and gain the ideas to use in your video. Boost TikTok likes by making attractive challenges. When your challenge video gives entertaining content, many people will gather on your account to participate in challenges. They can also make their friends take part in it where the engagement rate goes high.

#5. Leave Consistent And Frequent Post

There are two essential factors to be considered while looking for audience engagement.

  • Determination
  • Consistency

Showing your presence on TikTok alone will not improve your engagement rate. The regular content on your TikTok page speaks about your presence and consistency. Engage your audiences by posting content at the right time. Identify the correct time by using TikTok’s pro account and post your video at that time to hold your audience’s attention.

Make your audiences remember you by releasing amazing videos. The video should be high-resolution and focusing on your goal. The consistent content makes audiences identify you easily. Each concept should be unique and different from your competitors. Publish TikTok at least once a day to show your online presence but with quality content.

#6. Gain Popularity With Hashtag Usage

A great way to improve visibility for your TikTok is by using a hashtag. Though Twitter introduced this feature, it got popular on all other social media platforms. But choosing a relevant and engaging hashtag is important. There are many free tools to find the hashtag. But TikTok makes it simple to find those hashtags on the Discover page itself. Type a keyword relevant to your content and get a list of hashtags. Choose the less generic hashtag to make your content visible to your target audiences.

Use your brand name as the hashtag on each video to bring popularity to your brand. Conducting a hashtag challenge gives you the best result. Don’t repeat the same hashtag in your content which may cause your audiences to skip your video. Use five to seven hashtags to engage your audiences with your account, which improves ranking.

Wrapping Up

TikTok is the most powerful platform to engage audiences with exciting content. Get massive support from audiences for your growth by making unique and informative content. Invest your effort and time to win the TikTok algorithm. Get new hearts with your creativity and gather wider audiences for your TikTok account.

Enjoy reading the above article and start implementing it on your TikTok account to reach higher places. Grab the audience’s attention and improve your popularity worldwide.

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Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers. Start following her on Twitter.com.

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