O-Shot, also known as orgasm shot, is used to boost the sexual health of the female. It can also increase the sexual excitation of a female. If you want to make your sexual experience better and exciting, would you seek medical help? Would you prefer medical treatment to boost your orgasms? Would you like to treat your sexual dysfunction? If yes, then you need to know about O-Shots. In recent years there has been a lot of progress in the medical field. Because of this progress, specific shots can make a sexual experience incredible and long-lasting. These shots are known as orgasm shots or O-Shots in the market. Currently, there is little research on O-Shot, and no scientific evidence is known yet. But studies have shown that an O-Shot works efficiently by increasing your orgasmic frequency and make them last longer. But this treatment is not approved by FDA yet.

What is O-Shot?

O-shot or Orgasm shot is a type of platelet-rich plasma and is used to treat your vagina. A portion of your blood that contains all the essential growth factors needed for the body to grow and heal is known as platelet-rich plasma. During childhood, we scrape our skin by falling. After scraping, yellow color fluid comes out of your knee, and scab forms over that area. When this scab fell off, then a new pink-colored skin grows over that area. The yellow fluid that seeps out of the knee afteran injury is platelet-rich plasma. If we isolate, concentrate, and store this portion of blood, then it can be helpful to aid the healing of injured areas of the body. It can also quicken the process of healing. We use Platelet-rich plasma in orgasm shots to create new blood vessels and nerves.

O-Shot treatment involves an injection in the clitoris, labia or G-Spot, and platelet-rich plasma containing healing factors. It is a single and easy treatment through which the women can improve their orgasmic response. It is a painless treatment. Not only does it increase orgasmic response, but it also helps to treat urinary incontinence. Through this treatment, women can increase their sexual stimulation and avoid the risk of lengthy periods that occur after surgery. It will also make your vagina look healthy and elastic. It also tightens your vagina and increases your arousal through clitoris stimulation.

Decrease sexual pleasures, and sexual stimulation can result in painful coitus, tightening, or loosening of the vaginal canal. Decreased lubrication can result in drying of the vaginal canal, which can cause pain during intercourse. Reduced sexual excitement and libido can result in physical stress and fight between partners. Hence O-Shot is helpful to treat this condition. It can stimulate sexual activity and can improve the orgasms of a female. After this procedure, the female can experience increased and mind-blowing orgasms, increasing the frequency of orgasms and reducing her daily stress.

What is PRP?

It is helpful to treat injuries mainly treat sports injuries. We obtain Platelet-rich plasma from a person’s blood. Recent medical advancement has started using it in the form of O-Shots. It stimulates stem cells to injected site and makes the tissue healthy and young by increasing its vascularization. Platelet-rich plasma stimulates stem cells to your vagina and results in the formation of new blood vessels and nerves, making your vagina healthy, tight, and elastic.

Is O-Shot a drug?

It is not a drug. In this procedure, we inject platelets from your body in your vagina at the clitoris, labia, or G-Spot. After injection, it stimulates stem cells to the injected spots. It promotes the formation of new vessels and nerves in that area, making the tissue healthier and increase the sexual response of the female. So, it is not a drug but platelet-rich plasma derived from your blood.

Does O-Shot cause vaginal rejuvenation?

After injection, it stimulates stem cells to the injected spots. It promotes the formation of new vessels and nerves in that area, making the tissue healthier. O-Shots result in healthy vaginal tissue causing vaginal rejuvenation by improving vascularization.

The conditions that O-Shot treat

O-Shot can treat the following conditions

  • Decrease sexual excitement
  • Decreased frequency of orgasms
  • Vagianl dryness
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Chronic vaginal pain from birth
  • Painful intercourse
  • Inability to achieve intercourse
  • Weak pelvic floor
  • Loose vaginal canal

Benefits of using O-Shot

Following are the benefits of using O-Shots

  • Tight vaginal canal
  • Increased frequency of orgasms
  • Increased lubrication of vaginal canal
  • Young and smooth skin of the vagina
  • Stronger orgasms
  • Great arousal from clitoris stimulation
  • Resolved pain during sex
  • Elastic vaginal canal

What it treats, and how does it work?

Sexual function

The first and foremost benefit of O-Shot is mind-blowing and intense orgasms. They are allowing the female to enjoy their sexual life and improving their relationship with their partner. It lubricates the vagina, makes it look young, and prevents pain during sex.


Other benefits of O-Shot includes treatment of

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Lichen sclerosus
  • Lichen planus
  • Chronic pain occurring from birth
  • Interstitial cystitis

Some women say that this shot improved their orgasms and treated their incontinence. But there’s no scientific evidence of this yet. Somebody did a study on the benefits of O-Shot, which showed that the women who were distressed before became non-distressed by using O-Shots as it includes injection of PRP that stimulate stems cells and make tissue healthy through vascularization. Hence, it can make you feel physically and mentally active, reducing your stress. It can also make your relationship with your partner healthy. Few studies also show that it can help relieve vaginal inflammation and treat lichen sclerosus. But there is no solid research on it yet. Hence there is no success rate of this procedure currently.

Further research is needed

Ongoing research is working on the ability of platelet-rich plasma to aid the healing of wounds resulting from sports injuries and their ability to increase a female’s sexual excitement. But the results are unclear, yet so further research is needed yet.

Procedure of O-Shot

If you decide to take the O-Shot, then you need to make an appointment with your doctor. Your physician will evaluate your condition by asking questions about your general health and sexual history.Either the doctor will refer you to a reputable practitioner, or he will perform it himself. After this, the doctor will prepare you and remove your blood. Then platelet-rich plasma is extracted from your blood by a centrifuge machine. While the centrifuge machine is processing the plasma, the doctor will apply an anesthetic to your clitoris and upper vagina. When the side gets numb, the doctor will inject plasma with a fine needle. Your doctor will give you two injections—one at the clitoris other at the upper vaginal wall.

Due to the application of anesthesia, it is a painless condition. The procedure may take around sixty minutes after that; you can go home. Doctors suggest patients use intensity pelvic floor stimulating devices after the process to increase the success rate. It would be best if you used it twice daily. You can resume sexual activity after 4 hours of the procedure, and you can see mind-blowing results within few days. As this shot consists of your blood, so it is safe to use and has minimal complications. Usually, the patient gets two injections, one in the clitoris and the other in the wall o the vagina. This treatment is suitable for 1 to 2 years. Annual injections help maintain the benefits.

Results of O-Shot

Results vary from patient to patient. Some immediately experience mind-blowing effects, while others start seeing results after days. Some do not see it at all. But if it works, it can result in an increased frequency of orgasms and sexual excitation. It can also treat conditions like urinary incontinence and lichen sclerosus. It can also eliminate the aging effects on the vagina and make your vagina look fresh and healthy. Your vaginal canal will become tight and lubricated. It also reduces the drying effect of the vagina.

Is O-Shot painful?

According to the procedure, the doctor injects O-Shot after applying anesthesia to the clitoris and upper vaginal wall, making it a painless condition. This variation depends on the pain tolerance of a person, which varies. According to studies, some women say that they experience no pain while others have a mild prick. But due to anesthesia, it is generally a painless condition as it makes your vagina numb. Hence, it is not painful.

How much does it cost?

As we know, the FDA or any other health department has not approved this injection, so you have to pay out of your pocket if you want an O-Shot. So, your pocket must be heavy if you wish to experience a mind-blowing orgasm! But the overall cost of this treatment depends on the procedure you want. Some popular providers of O-Shot cost it from about 1200 dollars to 2500 dollars. Hence, it is a costly procedure.

Are there any complications?

The procedure offers minor complications as the patient’s blood is injected back into him after passing it through the centrifuge machine. Hence it offers fewer complications and more beneficial effects like making your vagina healthy, elastic, and tight. It also increases sexual excitement, making you feel less stressed. So, it is a less complicated process.

How frequently should it be performed?

Some studies show that to maintain the benefit of this injection, one should get it done every year. But if you do not want a yearly infusion, then a single treatment can work for at least one and a half years. So the frequency depends on your experience from previous treatment. If your experience is good, you will ask for a yearly treatment, and if it did not work, you would not ask for it in the future. So, the frequency depends on your previous experience.

When can you resume your sexual activity after the treatment?

Studies show that as this procedure involves local anesthesia only and there is no pain in this procedure, you can resume your daily life activities immediately after the process. But you need to wait for atleast 4 hours to continue your sexual activity. Hence, there is no lag in daily life activities after this procedure and a 4-hour delay to perform sexual activity.

How to find an O-Shot provider?

If you are interested in getting an O-Shot, it is best to consult your gy7neacologist or urologist. They will take your complete sexual history and will help you understand what you want. If the doctor finds you suitable for an  O-shot, he can help you find a good practitioner for this treatment. You can also search for an O-shot provider online. There are online websites that provide you all the information you need, and you can make an appointment with them for the treatment.

Stay in touch with your doctor after treatment

Although the treatment is painless and not associated with any immediate or late complications. But in case you have any of the symptoms listed below, you should immediately seek medical attention. Symptoms are

  • Fever
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • inflammation

These symptoms occur if you have an adverse reaction to the injection. And if any of these happen, immediately contact your doctor to avoid further complications by guided medical treatment. Your doctor will directly assess your condition, take your history, and perform screening to identify the outcomes. He will consult other doctors and will give you immediate medical treatment.

Takeaway message

O-Shot is known as orgasm shot. It increases the sexual excitement of the female. If you feel stressed and your sexual activities are not upto the mark, you should consider this procedure. You will get an injection of platelet-rich plasma, resulting in increased sexual excitement and frequency of orgasms. It will also make your vagina healthy. It is associated with few complications and is a painless condition. So, you can get this shot without being worried about any side effects.  But as it is not approved by FDA, which makes it a costly treatment.








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