Push-Up Bras

Some day or other, you might have found yourself looking in the mirror and thinking about your breasts. You wish if they just were a little perky or even a cup bigger, you would have been able to carry so many outfits with ease. Well, you don’t have to feel insecure anymore. Push-up bras will solve all your insecurities. Whether you have small, saggy, or even normal breasts and want them to appear lifted and voluminous, push-up bras are the one for you.

What Makes Push-Up Bras Different?

Push up bra black
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A Push up bra, as the name implies, gives a lift to the bust and enhances your cleavage. It helps in achieving a naturally fuller breast look. The cups of a push-up bra have padding in the lower part that pushes the breasts in the upward direction, giving them support to stay lifted. As compared to a normal padded bra, push-up bras have padding placed at certain positions that bring your breast together to give a more voluptuous and shaped look to them. 

Why Should You Get A Push-up Bra?

A push-up bra is a must-have for those days when you want to look extra sexy. A lifted bust and a prominent cleavage can enhance the whole glamour aspect of your outfits. The padding in a push-up bra helps to shape your curves and make them more alluring. The underwires are also present to lend support to the bust and make it look perky.

The innovations that are now being done have also made it possible that push-up bras are so comfy these days. It is, however, recommended that you should get a cup size bigger than your usual one when getting a push-up bra. This is because the padding presses the breasts towards the middle, which can make your breasts look out of place if you get your normal size.

Varieties Of Push-Up Bras

Push-up bras are so popular that they come in many variations. Depending on your requirement, you can get a ton of options.

According To The Thickness Of Padding

Level-1 Push-up Bra: This type has about ⅓ of the bra cup filled with padding, that helps to give a gentle lift to your boobies. If you want a natural look, then go for this type of padding in a push-up bra. However, this bra will be best for someone who has fuller breasts, as they don’t need the aid of padding to get a bustier look.

Level-2 Push-up Bra: In this type, over half of the bra cups are filled with padding, which helps in emphasizing the cleavage even more. This level of push-up bra is best suited for women with medium-sized or smaller breasts, as it will help in attaining a cup size or two bigger than you normally have.

Medium size Push-up Bra
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Level-3 Push-up Bra: These bras are the real deal. At this level, over ¾ of each cup is filled with padding. This level will help in achieving a bombshell look for those special occasions and date nights when you want to look extra hot. This level will best suit women with small breasts, as it will make their bust look fuller and give their cleavage a more prominent look.

According to The Style

Apart from the level of the fullness of cups of the push-up bra, there are several varieties of the styles too. You can choose the one that will suit the occasion and go best with your outfits. 

  • T-shirt Push-up bra: These are awesome for regular use. The seamless nature of a t-shirt bra gives a shaped and polished look to your outfits.
T-shirt Push-up bra
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  • Strapless Push-up bra: These are very useful to add that extra oomph to your strapless and off-shoulder tops and dresses.
Strapless Push-up bra
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  • Wireless Push-up bra: If underwires make you feel uneasy and constricted, you can go for the wireless push-up bras. These will not compromise your lifted look, as the moulded cups will be there to give the same effect. 
  • Lace Push-up bra: This style is the best choice for a new bride. It is sexy, sensual, and romantic, which makes it a fantastic pick.
Lace Push-up bra
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  • Stick-on Push-up bras: This will go perfectly well with your backless outfits. It would not only aid in delivering you a lifted look but also help avoid nipple bumps showing through your clothing, which is highly likely when you go braless. However, this type of style will not support fuller breasts. 

Now that you know all about the best push-up bras according to your breast shape and size, you can make your purchase confidently. Just make sure you know well before what you want out of a push-up bra. Whether it’s the moulded cup, underwires, or the level of padding, it’s up to you what kind of look and lift you desire.

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