Irregular Periods

Irregular periods occur for most of the females who experience at least one point in their lives . When discussing irregular periods, we are talking about several different symptoms and how it affects the health of fertility in women.

One, when your period is skipping or infrequent. For example, if you get a period once in every month, but after one period in March, there is no period in April, but your period returns in May—this “skipping of month” is considered an irregular period where you need to consult your doctor and take irregular periods treatment if this problem is repeated.

Two, Sudden cause of change in your period cycle. For example, If you have a period in the last five days with moderate or slow flow but suddenly if you are getting very heavy or long periods like 10 to 15 days the sudden shift or change in your periods is considered as irregular.

Third, if your period has been nonexistent or if you are not getting periods for long which is 5 to 6 months. Missing your period is considered an irregular period.

When you miss your periods or you have been suffering from an irregular menstrual cycle, you will be stressful, upset, frustrated, and worried. However, it is very crucial to remain calm and assess the facts about your irregular periods to determine if your situation requires irregular menstruation treatment.  Although if your current period cycle is regular, you should understand and get a knowledge about the causes, symptoms, and treatments for irregular periods. This is the way you will come to comprehend and prepare to deal with them if they happen to you.

 What causes irregular periods?

 Food and Exercise in Relation to Irregular Periods

Weight loss, exercise, and your food intake can all have an effect on your body that you didn’t intend: irregular periods.

More weight loss and sudden weight gain can also lead to  menstrual problems, such as missed cycles or irregular periods. When you lose or gain an enormous amount of weight in a very short period of time, this leads to drastic change in your body which may affect and cause your menstrual cycle to become irregular. Inorder to regulate your periods you might typically associate perfect body weight according to your height and maintain your health in a proper way by taking lots of fruits, green and vegetables.

The heavy exercise or a sudden excess amount of daily exercise can also lead to irregular periods. Mostly the Missed and very  light periods are a very common symptom among athletes, who will be getting trained very hard during the upcoming athletics competitions and events. But sometimes even non-athletes can also get irregular periods due to an increased amount of exercising. If you are losing or gaining an excess amount of weight, it is always necessary to consult through Treat Pa and get guidance with a doctor, especially if any natural functions of your body (regular menstrual cycle) seem to be changing.

Skipping your meals or irregular food intake can also be a cause for irregularity in your period. Any mental illness that affects intake of food and how much exercise your body gets can have a devastating effect on your body—not only your period cycle, but other vital functions your body needs to exist. If you currently suffer from an eating disorder, with or without irregular periods, please consult a doctor and take irregular menstrual cycle treatment in time that can help you recover.

 Mental Causes of Irregular Periods

Your mind and your body are connected. When you are stressed out with your work or upset and mentally exhausted, your body may also get affected . The high amounts of mental stress and depression are the two factors which lead to mental causes of irregular periods. Most women’s periods vary or even miss a few months or weeks after a highly stressful work or events, such as the depression on loved one deaths, strong interpersonal problems or the loss of a job.

Suppose, If you are getting or experiencing a high amount of stress due to work or any other negative emotion in your life, you can consult a therapist or your loved friends about your problems. Once the stress level has been reduced  in your life,  then your body will often follow and regulate your period on its own.

 Medicines and Irregular Periods

Medicine you take without the prescription of doctors can have an effect on your period.  Birth control medicines are one of most typical medicines  which makes your periods irregular. You should always indicate any type of heavy bleeding or period irregularity to your best gynaecologist when you are having a birth control medicine although it may not be a cause for medical concern, it will be something you need to keep track of while you are taking your birth control.

The drugs which affect the hormones in the female leads to the cause of irregular periods. The hormones which regulate your menstrual cycle are very sensitive, and if they are pushed off balance it can affect the body and lead to duration as well as heaviness of your menstrual cycle. If your period has been affected by a medicine, consult your physician and explain your symptoms.

If you still are not sure what may be causing your irregular periods, you may want to consult your gynae doctor and take irregular periods treatment to make it regulate.

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