PRP Therapy

PRP Acell injections work together to stop hair loss. This process is non-surgical for hair thinning and hair loss. It uses your blood to stimulate the growth of hair follicles quickly and with little downtime. The PRP treatment is the blood that has platelets and growth factors in it. These growth factors are like sign callers that instruct your tissue to regenerate and double.

On the other hand, all are FDA-approved cellular creating substances, and it uses MatriStem technology. It is a material that occurs naturally, and it triggers new blood vessel creation. It also recruits stem cells and reabsorbs them. The process leaves no scars or materials behind. PRP and Acell mixture is possible for both men and women who are going through hair loss. 

Acell + PRP Process

During the hair procedure, your doctor will use a local anesthetic. This is to reduce discomfort during the process. Your doctor will then draw some blood from your body and then put it in a specialized instrument that separates it.

The process is always safe because the doctor puts the injections carefully to the scalp with a syringe. After the treatment, your body will jumpstart the healing process. Your hair will start to grow thick and strong. The therapy takes about an hour to complete. You can go back to your normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Results of Acell and PRP Treatment

After the PRP and Acell treatment, you will see the outcome in like four to eight months. This will then follow with the usual hair growth cycle. You will see remarkable results in six to twelve months after treatment. Your hair will grow thick and strong. Your hair will then continue thickening for about fifteen months. The outcome always lasts for months or sometimes even years. During the hair consultation, your doctor will tell you the best time for the therapy.

Acell and PRP Advantages

There are several benefits of Acell + PRP treatment. These include;

Increased Collagen Creation

When you are 25 years and above, your collagen will start to drop. It continues to drop as you grow older. You have to do something to stimulate its creation, though. Its quality will also begin to fall. When you do not have sufficient collagen, your skin will start to look unhealthy.

PRP and Acell mixture will help you with the wrinkles and fine lines. After undergoing the treatment, your skin will look good, and the collagen creation will get stimulated. Also, your skin will start to heal after the treatment. At the same time, your hair will begin to grow healthier cells. These cells enable you to have strong and healthier hair follicles as well. After the therapy, your skin will start to tighten, and in a few weeks, you will look lovely.

Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines are among the primary reasons why people seek PRP therapy. PRP and Acell treatment will help to treat these common signs of aging. It will also help to pump up the hollow areas of your face.

It Helps to Tighten and Make Your Skin Firm

As said earlier, collagen is responsible for tight and firm skin. When you grow old, your skin may start to sag. The wrinkles and fine lines will not form, though. PRP therapy will help in the stimulation of collagen. This will help in tightening your skin and making it firm as well. If you are experiencing tight skin, make sure to undergo this treatment. Your face will always look smooth and young.

The Process is Painless

During the PRP Acell treatment, your doctor will use local anesthesia to make you numb. You will not experience any pain during and after the therapy. If you experience any discomfort, make sure to talk to your doctor. He will give you some painkillers to relieve the pain. You can also use ice on the treatment areas. It will help with the pain.

The Treatment Process is Quick and Easy

The PRP Acell treatment looks like it is long. First, the doctor will draw some blood from your body. Then he will put them in a centrifuge and then process them. The procedure always involves separating the components of your blood. It will take only three minutes to run your blood into the centrifuge. The therapy will then take about an hour, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Lasting Results

PRP Acell outcome lasts for a longer time. The results are not permanent, but your hair will look natural and permanent.

No Required Downtime

You will not need downtime for this treatment. After the treatment, you may experience some redness in the injected areas. The redness will last for a few days, and then you will go back to being normal.

All PRP Cost

The average cost of PRP and Acell therapy is about $1200 to $1800 per session. The actual charge will always depend on the treatment area. It also depends on the Acell and PRP injected. Most patients undergo more than one treatment to get the best results.


PRP and Acell have become popular hair loss treatments. This is because they are non-surgical and less invasive. The treatment is also cheap if you compare it with other hair transplant methods. Research has shown that this process helps to stimulate hair growth. So, if you are going through hair loss, make sure to try PRP Acell therapy.

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