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Women are genuinely addicted to makeup products and therefore, they load up their makeup stashes with every other product that is launched in the market. Well, they are not to be blamed for it. If you have a subscription to one of the TV and internet packages such as Spectrum Packages and internet deals, you can totally relate to the temptation that the marketing campaigns of makeup manufacturers give. And, once you buy them out of sheer temptation, you find out they are there in your makeup stash, hardly used once or twice. Well, you don’t need to waste your hard earned bucks like that anymore. All you need is, to know better about makeup products.

You should know that with a few essentials you could create different looks every time. For instance, a subtle change in color of blush or highlighter can make you look completely different. An unusual lipstick can make the whole look entirely new and different. It’s all about knowing the best use of makeup products that you have and mastering the art of makeup. To get appropriate and desired makeup look, you need to know the right products. Also, these products should be handy and easy to use. For both morning and night time, you need to choose the right products to achieve a flawless look.

Here we are mentioning four foolproof makeup essentials, which you should keep in consideration while retooling your everyday makeup kit.

  • A Moisturizing Base

If you have healthy and clear skin, you don’t really need many coats of the foundation, concealer, and color corrector. All you need is nice base, preferably water-based for summers, that provides full coverage while keeping the skin moisturized. You should focus on your skin care regimen to achieve a healthy, moisturized, and glowing skin because better skin essentially means better makeup. Always moisturize your skin at day and night, whether you like organic coconut oil to do the job or a fancy cream. Your foundation will look flawless if you have a hydrated skin. Invest in a good-quality foundation and apply it well to hide all the patches and uneven areas. A natural look is better so do not apply too much foundation to have a cakey look. Foundation is the base of every other makeup product that you apply so we have it on top of our list.

  • A Sheer Highlighter

We couldn’t skip highlighter from our list because of the amazing glow and flawless look it gives to the face. A little dab of highlighter along the cheekbones and it gives such a nice finish to your makeup! You can’t miss this glow, therefore, add a nice highlighter to the list of your makeup essentials. Highlighters come in various forms, such as cream, powder, liquid, cream-powder hybrid, stick, and so on. If you are a beginner, use powder or stick form as they are easier to apply. So, invest in a high-quality highlighter and let it enhance the skin’s reflective qualities.

  • Multitasking Mascara

One thing that cannot be missed out whenever you talk of makeup and makeup products is a mascara! Whether you are a fan of natural, subtle makeup or a heavy, dark makeup, a mascara is a must. Long lashes have their own distinct appeal and no woman wants to miss it. Mascara brings out the best in eyes, whatever the shape of eyes is even when no eyeliner or eyeshadow is applied. You can also use a mascara to define your brows. Therefore, get your hands on a high-quality mascara with thin bristles on the wand for better application.

  • Lipstick or a Lip Balm

No makeup look is ever complete without the lipstick. Actually, it’s the lip color that makes the whole difference. A natural peach or a pink lipstick creates a natural, day look, while a dark plum or red lip totally changes the whole look and makes it much more formal. While the rest of the makeup remains the same. You need to have at least all the essential shades, which are needed for daily makeup, formal events, dinners, and so on. There will always be more shades in your makeup stash, which you prefer more and use more. But, do have all the essential shades. There are all different varieties of lipstick textures these days such as matte, glossy, demi-matte, glittery, balms, and so on. Choose the one that you prefer and is easily applicable. For me, sometimes choosing the right lip color becomes as daunting as choosing the right package offered by Spectrum Cable services, and I end up buying the same shades again and again. Don’t make this mistake.

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