Titanium Vs Tungsten

The wedding is a sacred affair, and everything about it needs to be picture perfect. Now it’s not just the women who shop day and night for the perfect dress, the princess-like shoes, or the perfect wedding ring; men indulge in this act too. Weddings are all about the beautiful details. The way your wedding rings shine in the photographs makes all those memories all the more beautiful. However, picking a wedding ring that is supposed to be the symbol of a lifetime commitment needs to be on point. You cannot simply visit the shop and decide this is the one you want. You need to research well and determine several things before you hit the shop.

What are the things that determine your purchase strategy for wedding rings?

You cannot milk a cow if no one teaches you how to and the similar rules apply for getting yourself the best wedding ring. Here the internet is your friend that teaches you how to obtain the perfect band for your wedding. When you enter the internet platform, these are the things that you need to keep in mind while researching about men’s wedding rings.

  • Price.
  • The composition of the material.
  • Durability.
  • Property to stay constant with ever-changing fashion.
  • Resistance to breakage, cracking, etc.
  • Color.
  • Weight.
  • Any allergies from the material.
  • Ease of removal.

Once you have analyzed your choices after taking a peek at these elements of concern, you can easily pick the best wedding ring.

However, here we are to talk about the two famous materials used for men’s rings which are tungsten and titanium. So let us understand how they are different from one another.

Titanium or Tungsten

Both tungsten and titanium look similar from outside but they are different in various terms, so let us analyze what’s different for the two.

1- Composition

Titanium wedding bands are generally a mix of vanadium and aluminum working as an alloy for jewelry crafting requirements. Titanium comes with at least 85 percent purity depending upon the seller. On the other hand, tungsten is a mix of the rare metal with an equal amount of the carbon atoms.

2- Hardness

Both tungsten and titanium are harder as compared to other precious metals such as platinum or gold. But comparatively, tungsten is much harder than titanium. It registers at 9 in Moths scale for mineral hardness while titanium scores a 6.

3- Affordability

Both tungsten and titanium align on the affordable side. However, the rates can vary depending on the style, quality, and manufacturer of the rings.

4- Scratch and crack resistance

Men’s carbon fiber tungsten ring is mostly scratch resistance but doesn’t reflect the crack resistance property. Tungsten beats titanium with its scratch resistance property. Apart from diamond, no other material can effectively scratch tungsten. However, when you take a look at the crack resistance properties, titanium wins the medal here as it is more resistance to cracking as opposed to tungsten.

5- Weight

Now, this is where the two elements are variable to each other. While tungsten carbide tends to be particularly heavy, the titanium-based rings tend to be fairly light to wear. Even with such high durability, the titanium rings reflect lightweight which is best for the ones who do not like to wear jewelry. However, tungsten gives that pleasant weighty feeling over the fingers.

6- Color

Tungsten and titanium both contain a natural color which is more to the side of gunmetal grey. However, one can get the two in black versions as well. Additionally, men looking for colors other than black or grey can opt for the white tungsten that comes with a classic look resembling white platinum or gold.

7- Emergency removal

The common myth surrounding titanium as well as tungsten emerges from a rumor that these rings cannot be extracted during emergencies. However, this is far from the truth. Both of them can easily be removed, but the method varies. Titanium rings can be cut with the use of jeweler’s saw, but for tungsten, the method is to crack the ring with the use of pliers with vice grip that can easily be found at a jewelers shop.

By Aayushi Pradhan

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