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So, is it all set for the big day? From the venue to catering, invitations to decoration…

Is there anything left behind???

Undeniably, all brides stay busy with rituals and other activities on the wedding day. However, a successful wedding is not everything about following the rituals or serving the guests. Wedding photography is one of the concerns of the brides; after all, it’s a matter of lifetime memories.

In this article, we have outlined the traditional and modern wedding photography style that helps you get deep insights into photography for your D day.

So, without wasting a moment, let’s start….

Traditional Wedding photography is also known as contemporary photography, which incorporates still posing in front of the camera. This is the most used wedding photography style that photographers have used for capturing wedding images for several years. But, with the passage of time and the advancement of technology, things and styles are changing.

What Makes Traditional Photography Outdated?

At present, most would-be couples think that traditional photography is old-fashioned because the poses are artificial, and a couple can never feel relaxed. Apart from this, traditional photography always requires someone to set the camera to take shots when something needs to be captured, which is very tedious and dull. Moreover, traditional photography is an organized photoshoot where images look very monotonous. The contemporary wedding photography style will concentrate more on the quality that lies with lighting and sharpness. However, it doesn’t look good compared to modern-styled wedding photography.

The biggest drawback of a traditional camera is that it may produce blurred images if the subject is moving because it cannot capture motion pictures. In addition, this photography concentrates on portrait styles where the couple is told to make different poses. Even some couples always prefer only traditional photography where every ritual or activity will be captured without a miss. In this style, no true emotions will be captured, and the essence of the wedding will completely fade.

What Makes Modern Wedding Photography A Hit?

Crafting artistic images is the first and the foremost thing that makes modern wedding photography a hit. Today’s photographers prefer modern cameras to capture clearer pictures with their improved lenses. Currently, almost all photographers have the latest cameras that enable them to click pictures effortlessly with proper focus without waiting for a couple to stand still. The modern wedding photographer will truly implement the CANDID style of photography because the latest camera produces clear pictures even when couples are moving.

The most important aspect of modern photography is that the wedding couple feels pretty relaxed. There is no interruption of a photographer throughout their wedding (assisting them for a pose or instructing them to look at a camera).

Modern wedding photography is more appealing than traditional as it gives fantastic pictures, lively emotions, and the true essence of the marriage. There are no rules and only three things need to be concentrated and that are: lighting, framing, and angle.

Aside from this, there is no place to pose specifically. The modern photographer will try to capture real emotions that enable them to showcase the story of the wedding couple in a natural way. Furthermore, with the advancement in technologies, graphic designs will work well with modern photography to enhance wedding pictures’ appearance.

Selecting the type of wedding photography to make the D day memorable for a lifetime truly depends on the wedding couple. If they like to pose at their wedding, then conventional/traditional wedding photography will be fine. On the other hand, if they love to have candid pictures, then modern photography will be the ideal choice. No matter which type of photography for your big day you opt for, an experienced wedding photographer will have the capability to transform the occasion into a memorable event in any case.

I hope you find this article useful, and to know more about wedding photography, stay tuned!

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