Stringers for men are something more valuable, more classy and more admiring as compared to the casual t-shirts and sweatshirts.

They are more popular among youngsters which gives them a stylish and dashing appearance at the gym and during other activities too.

They are usually something perfect to wear at the gym with a loosely fitted jogger and a pair of shoes.

They are one of the popular types of men’s tank tops that shows off your arm, chest and back yet is best to choose for summers. Not every stringer is loosely fitted, some of them also have a closed neck and small sleeve hole which covers the body well.

What Stringers Actually Are?

Stringers are a type of tank top or what you call a sando that is sleeveless, loose and highly comfortable. They are the best activewear when you are performing some heavy workout and weight lifting.

They provide you good flexibility and don’t restrict hand movement. The stringers are light in weight and breathable that gives you proper ventilation in summer. It won’t feel irritating when you sweat as this doesn’t stick to your body.

You can get a variety of stringers in the market which differ in size, design, patterns, fabric and also price from which you get an option to choose the right thing for yourself.

Budget is one of the most important factors which people look for, but you don’t need to worry as stringers are completely budget-friendly. Rest all depends on your choice.

Some Different Types of Stringers for Men

Listed below are some popular stringer types which are easy to wear and manage anytime.

Deep Cut Stringer

Deep Cut Stringer

Stringers that are loose with bold sleeves and a deep neckline that shows off your body more is a deep cut stringer.

It is actually good when you are doing some muscle building exercises as it gives you a free and easy movement while doing push ups and pull ups. It even provides you additional breathability and keeps you more ventilated.

Closed Neck Stringer

Closed Neck Stringer

Another one is a closed neck stringer which also has shallow sleeves. It keeps the muscles in place by giving them a firm support and restricts stretch marks around shoulders and at biceps.

Some of them are fully closed at the back and some have T-back which gives a comfort fitting to the wearer. They are both plain and printed from which you can choose the most relevant one.

Hooded Stringer

Hooded Stringer

The most popular gym stringers are the hooded stringer. It helps you remain in style and make your work out session more interesting. This one just makes you look awesome.

Pairing it with a jogger or a narrow fitted track pants make a cool match. They are even good for shorts when you are going for a leg day or a cargo for a dashing look.

Fabrics used for Stringer    

The stringer is usually made of fabric which is breathable, light in weight and highly absorbent. Here are some of the fabrics that are used to make high quality stringers perfect for every season and occasion.


One of the most desired fabrics for every type of attire, either its western wear, ethnic wear or sportswear.

Cotton majorly comes in four different varieties that differ in weight and texture. They have the characteristic to absorb sweat and moisture at optimum.

This fluffy staple fiber is used to make a soft, porous and durable fabric which does not get torn up easily. Stringers made of cotton are in high demand as they are breathable and absorb sweat keeping the wearing cool and fresh.


Nylon is a smooth and silky fabric which was introduced in early 1940. It became so popular that it was sold twice the price of silk around the world.

Even today nylon is immensely popular in the market and is used to make a variety of outfits.

Due to their smooth and thin texture they are used to make sportswear such as stringers, tracks, t-shirts and jackets.

They are light in weight, breathable and have the ability to control sweat and moisture and therefore it works well for sportswear.


Spandex is also known as lycra or elastane that is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity.

It is very much popular for sports clothing as it provides an enhancing fit and gives easy body movements. The skin tight garments are usually made of spandex.

They are well known for characteristics such as stretch, lightweight and a smooth texture.

They can be stretched well and then again return to their original shape. It even dries faster and makes some of the best outfits.


Like nylon polyester is also a thermoplastic fiber which is melted and reformed into a soft and smooth fabric.

It is more popular as workout and active clothing which helps the skin moisture evaporate quickly.

Polyester is the best alternative to cotton in summers. It is light, soft, breathable and an excellent wicking material which keeps sweat and moisture away from the body. It evaporates the sweat quickly and easily from the body.


Mesh is a material consisting of spaced openings that provides you a fresh and breathable textile. It is a perfect solution for sportswear and especially stringers.

They are also used to make other pieces of attire such as t-shirts, tracks and other bottom wears.
It is a highly durable, lightweight and easy to clean fabric. Choosing it as a sportswear is a great option as you won’t require any extra efforts and gives you the best athleisure look. It has a soft velocity and can be also combined with other fabrics to give it a softer appeal.

Choosing the Best Stringer    

Sometimes choosing the best stringer depends on your choice and sometimes you have to select it as per your skin type.

If you have sensitive skin and can’t wear polyester or nylon then go for cotton or rayon. Spandex is also a soft and smooth material which can be preferred over other materials and it is elastic too.

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