TikTok Marketing Strategies

TikTok is a video-sharing application and social media networking site that allows you to create videos on any topic. This platform was launched in 2017 outside China. However, it becomes famous after merging with the Chinese social media service.

According to Hootsuite, TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2021, with 656 million downloads.  This makes it clear that TikTok has a craze among the masses.

However, many brands and business owners struggle to use TikTok for marketing purposes. Therefore in this blog, we are going to discuss the 8 essential TikTok strategies that you need to know.

TikTok Strategies That You Can Add To Your Marketing Plans

As mentioned, TikTok is a fantastic platform with a huge user base. If used correctly, it can help your business gather more audiences and improve your brand awareness.

1. Be consistent on TikTok

If you want to succeed on TikTok, you should always rely on consistency. Experts say that you should post at least once a week on TikTok.  Some creators post 5 times per day.

You should also keep a consistent tone, type of content, and format. This will help you to make your content easily recognizable to your audience.

2. Track the trends

TikTok runs on trends and trendy songs. Following the trends will help you to improve your marketing efforts. You can literally double your audience by following simple and straightforward tactics.

This also helps you to understand more about your audience and customer persona. Being able to identify the current trends and topics, increases the engagement of your TikTok account by a significant number.

As a brand, it is difficult to keep an eye on trending topics and songs. In such a case, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Monitor your competitor. Have an eye on what they are sharing.
  • Track the trending hashtags on Google.

3. Tell a story

People love to hear stories. As a matter of fact, storytelling builds trust, empathy, and compassion. Remember that, people will know when you tell them a fairy tale and an original story about your journey. So do not try to dupe your audience.

You should always incorporate rawness and honesty into your storytelling. This will help the audience to relate to your content and you on a personal level.

4. Listen to your audience

You might have heard of the proverb, Customer is the King. After the emergence of web 2.0, listening to customers has become one of the most prominent traits of any successful business. Rather than posting self-promotional content, brands and business now prefer to serve the audience first. They prioritize solving the problems of customers and addressing their interests.

This helps them to build a more meaningful relationship with their customers.

5. Embed TikTok Widget on website

Many TikTok videos are funny and entertaining in nature, which is why they became popular in no time. It is no more a secret that brands have also started using TikTok in an entertaining way, which helps them to gain the attention of their target audience and customers.

The best way to hit your revenue goals using TikTok videos is to embed them on the business website. This will help you in making your website more lively and presentable. Moreover, it can also assist in reducing the bounce rate of your website, as the more content you have on your business page, the more engaging it becomes.

You can embed TikTok widget on website using any social media aggregator tools. These tools help you embed the TikTok widget without hiring a developer.

These social media aggregator tools help you to customize your Tiktok widget, which means you can change the color and font and decide the themes and templates of your widget. This helps you to make your website even more visually appealing.

Through the moderation panel, you can also remove the videos you do not want to showcase on your website.

6. Be unique and creative

If you want to get viral on TikTok, your TikTok videos should be one of a kind. There should be no compromise in the quality of the content. Remember that, the content you post must align with the interests of your ideal audience. For this, you can perform research first. To start with TikTok, you must know about your target audience.

The main idea is to show the audience that you work hard enough to provide them unique and entertaining content.

7. Use Hashtags

Using social media aggregator tools you can aggregate all the videos that are under your hashtags. This will help you to embed user-generated content on your website.

Adapting user-generated content on your website will make the viewer’s feel loved and heard. This will also encourage them to create content for your brand.

Eventually, it will help you to have brand awareness.

Even if you are a creator, you can launch a TikTok challenge under your hashtags and ask your viewers to create videos completing the challenge. When you share their content on your profile, it helps you build a meaningful connection with your audience.


TikTok has become an integral part of everyone’s life. It has almost become unimaginable to leave without TikTok. Therefore, it is important to incorporate TikTok into your marketing strategies.

In fact, many brands have started using the above-mentioned strategies to capture their target audience. If you do not start right now, you will miss out on a lot.