How to Improve Conversion Rate

When it comes to improving website performance, you must consider conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO). The former is a method of increasing the number of page visitors who are then “converted” into customers by completing the desired action, such as subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing an item, leaving a review, and so on.

How you count conversions varies depending on your site type and the services you want to offer. The latter refers to the process of increasing the number of visitors who arrive on your site via search engine results. This ensures that more people visit your website.

The more people who discover your page, the more likely you will receive an increase in conversions.

Why do SEO and CRO work so well together?

According to the search engine optimization specialists, you should understand three things about your users to provide the best user experience-

Step #1: Determine what they want and need from a website.

Step #2: Focus on meeting those needs not only to convert but also to keep returning as customers or potential clients.

Step #3: Make certain that everyone is aware of it.

Though SEO drives traffic to your website, CRO assists you in making the results more meaningful. While SEO may assist you rank for the keyword “buy black jeans,” a good CRO strategy will help you increase sales percentages while decreasing abandoned carts or bounce rates.

You cannot have an SEO strategy whose only goal is to rank, regardless of the searcher’s intent for the query. As a result, the right keywords must rank for the suitable types of web pages. At its heart, you must respond to user queries and satisfy visitors.

Here are some strategies to assist you in getting the most out of your SEO and CRO efforts:

  1. Improve Page Load Time

According to Google, if a website loads in between 1 and 3 seconds, the bounce rate drops by 32%. Your website is like a car: if it doesn’t start immediately, people will abandon it and go elsewhere.

A variety of factors impact how customers perceive your brand. Page speed is one of these. If your page is too clunky or slow, you may give off an unprofessional impression, turning off potential customers.

  1. Use videos and visual elements to extend the duration of your visit

Search engine optimization specialists discovered via research that pages depicting a video had an average time spent of nearly 8 minutes by visitors, while those without one were only seen for about 3 minutes.

Did you know? Google’s search engine rankings are like a riddle, but there is proof that they may include dwelling time in their equation. Dwell time is a measurement of how much time it takes for a user to return back to the SERP after clicking on a link, and Google appears to be interested in tracking and utilizing this data.

The main metrics that can indicate a website’s dwell time are the bounce rate versus the average time spent per user visit, so it is beneficial to use videos to increase the time spent on a page.

  1. Create high-quality content that includes long-tail keywords

According to Statista, approximately 95.88% of Google searches have a query of four words or more. People who conduct such types of searches have higher levels of purchasing intent, making them ideal for targeting quality-related content.

Moreover, long-tail keywords usually predict when someone is on the conversion verge. Simply having such knowledge will offer you an advantage over your competitors.

  1. Add compelling and relevant CTAs

A call to action is a crucial component of any website, without which you risk losing contact with your potential customers. There need to be design guidelines that must be followed for you and your customer to recognize each other. CTAs that are visually appealing and well-written will help optimize CRO while directing more traffic back to the highlighted products.

Wrapping Up!

Overall, SEO and CRO complement each other. They are, in some ways, inseparable. The funnel that directly impacts your ROI is the idea of bringing more traffic to your website and then filtering relevant visitors from taking any action on your website. As proven by search engine optimization specialists, the more targeted you can be from the start of this funnel, the higher your profits. That is what digital marketers are concerned with.

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