Benefits of Google Reviews

Reviews for local businesses are like direct referrals that everyone searching for your business will look out for.

Buyers are actively looking out not just for the reviews but also for the social proof that makes their buying decisions. People speaking to your credit is an immediate way to let people trust your brand.

Research shows that more than 84% of people trust online reviews. Moreover, Google lays more focus on the reviews, which adds more weight to your ranking. So, positive as well as well-responded negative reviews, not just compels the user to contact you but also foster your ranking efforts.

So, if you are wondering what all benefits can Google reviews bring to your business, keep reading.

Benefits of Google Reviews

#1 Let Users Trust Your Business More

Irrespective of the niche that you cater to, trust is undeniably the foundation for building a sales process. It is solely why cold leads get converted into warm leads, and businesses can sustain and grow.

The trend has shifted from asking friends about products and services to asking from Google about it. Hence using Google reviews has become mandatory as potential users will go through them before employing a product.

#2 Improves Local SEO

Non-negotiably trust is essential, but what would you do if your business doesn’t show up on the top of the searches?

Google’s reviews algorithm has an impact on Google’s local search. It helps with the business’s discoverability more easily and quickly than traditional search engines optimization activities like keywords and blogging. According to stats, 9% of Google’s entire search algorithm is driven by review signals, generally based on the review’s quantity, velocity, and diversity.

#3 Improves The Click-Through Rates

For businesses, it is essential to get clicks on the link that shows up in the search engine. Irrespective of the amount of effort you are taking for SEO strategy, if people are not clicking on your business, all the efforts get wasted.

Gladly, Google reviews can be of your help in increasing your click-through rates when you appear in the search results.

Moreover, your Google reviews appear next to your business name in Google, so many good positive and well-responded negative reviews will help increase the number of clicks on your site.

#4 Convert More Customers

Once the users have clicked on your page, they might be attracted to purchasing something from what you have to offer.

While a user-friendly website and well-designed website are extremely important, Google reviews can impact the conversion alone. Hence, businesses should get more reviews as they act as an authentic source of advertisement and increase sales.

#5 Helps In Better Discoverability

When your SEO and click-through rates improve, brands stand a chance at getting more discovered. Also, the reviews act as an advocate and speak on behalf of the brand. It lets new people come across the brand more often while searching for any product or service that they need, exploring through your page, reading what the customers have to say about the brand, and making smart and well-informed decisions.

#6 Enhanced Relationship Between Customer & Brands

Google reviews give an insight into how well or poorly is your product responding to the buyers. When the users share their reviews and respond to them, be it negative or positive, you create an impression in the minds of the users, which gives them satisfaction about their decision to invest in the brand.

This customer relationship is hence built, improves the brand’s image, and helps gain more potential buyers while also improving the overall performance of the brand.

How Can Local Businesses Leverage Google Reviews?

To derive maximum benefit from the reviews that the users share on Google, brands can embed them on their website.

Embedding Google reviews on a website helps in generating authenticity, trust, engagement, and interaction of the user with the brand. UGC is dominating the market, and how! These reviews will influence the minds of the potential users and let them decide based on the experiences of the past customer. To Embed Google reviews on the website, you can use,

Social Media Aggregators

Social media aggregators can help collect data from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. It then curates, moderates, and customizes it, filters out the irrelevant post, and makes it appealing. Thus, it turns it into a unified feed.

By employing social media aggregators, brands can also analyze how their aggregated feed performs while also showcase data in real-time.

Taggbox Widget and Tag Embed are result-driven tools that help you achieve your desired goals by redirecting your marketing strategies.

Over To You

Searching for a brand on Google and reading its reviews has become a no-brainer for the users. For anything and everything, people perform a search, read the reviews, and make informed decisions depending upon the other users’ reviews. Hence, making it essential for the brands to use and maximize the Google reviews.

Further to strategically using these reviews, aggregating and embedding them on the website will turn up your brand’s marketing efforts.

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