Exercises for New Moms

Pregnancy isn’t fun but the gift that it gives you is just priceless and worth all the trouble. Well one of the things that moms need to work on even after giving birth is the postpartum weight that they have gained during the previous nine months.

Getting rid of that excess weight can be quite hard because new moms don’t really get some time off for themselves especially during the day and when they do get off at night they are too tired to work out and lose that excess belly fat that they gained.

So you don’t have any time for yourself well that is not a problem nay more because we at the baby side have come up with the three best exercises that you can perform with the help of your baby’s stroller. So when you take your little one out for a walk in the park every morning or in the afternoon you can work out then and lose that weight of yours that you have been trying to get rid of for days.

Things to keep in mind before starting up with stroller workout

Before we start with the best stroller exercise there are certain things that you must keep in mind before starting walking after giving birth so let us look at the precautions that you must take.

· Consult your doctor first

You can walk with the stroller in the first six week s after birth but do not engage in any strengthen exercises without consulting your doctor first because your health comes first so don’t over od it or hurt yourself in the process. It is always better to consult the doctor to find out whether an exercise would be good for you after birth or not.

· Make sure that the stroller is suitable for workouts

There are different kinds of strollers available in the market. You can get the simple stroller or the car seat and the stroller combo ones that just hit the market and are quite trendy at the moment. The key thing that your stroller should be rigid enough to hold your weight and your baby’s at the same time so it is always better to get yourself a jogging stroller if you plan on jogging with your baby on the daily basis.

· Be prepared

Well you need to be prepared mentally and physically before staring your strolling exercises. You need to keep in mind that your body isn’t in the same shape as it used to plus you won’t be able to get it all right in the first attempt so do not burden yourself or be heartbroken to find out that you don’t have the same stamina as you used to.

· Communicate with your baby

While you exercise don’t forget about your baby. Talk to him or sing to him just to keep him company as well plus it will help you bond with him on a better level as well so try to communicate with the baby while you are out for a walk.

3 Stroller exercises for moms to get back in shape

Well there are quite a handful of stroller exercises that you can try out but today we are going to be looking at the top three and how they help you get back in shape after giving birth. So the top three are;

1. Stroller jogging

Stroller jogging is one of the most famous stroller exercises. Most of the moms start with this and then move on to the next exercise. Jogging has various benefits, instead of just focusing on one part of your body; jogging helps you tone all the muscles as it is a full body work out. It will tone your calf muscles and your shoulder muscles as you will be pushing the stroller forwards with force.

2. Stroller lunges

Lunges are quite hard but it is one of the best exercises to burn that pregnancy weight. Use your stroller to carry out perfect lunges. You need to stand behind the stroller and hold the handle bar of the stroller with your hands.

Once you have a firm grip on the handlebar push the stroller forwards while pushing your one leg forwards. Make sure that your knee is right above your ankle and your thighs are parallel to the ground. If you are doing it right you will feel some pain in your thighs. After a few seconds in that position get back to the original position and shift to the other leg.

3. Stroller squats

We all know what squats are. Well they are great for toning your pelvic region and your thighs so if you are planning on getting back in shape then stroller squats must be on your list. Stroller squats are similar to the regular squats, the only difference is that you will be using the stroller holding the handle bar of the stroller for support.

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