If you are wondering how to start your fitness journey but you just can’t seem to stay consistent, it might feel easier just to quit altogether. Finding not only the love but also the time to fit the gym into your schedule can seem impossible, but there are several things you can do to relieve any tension and slowly ease your way into the habit.

Zoom In On Your Why

Before you try to force yourself into this habit, you need to have a sit down with yourself and consider why you might even be starting the gym, and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. For example, it would be a positive habit to fit into your daily routine if you work at an office job, you don’t often get exercise and you are hoping to get fitter. On the contrary, if you are going to the gym to meet the standards of how someone else wants you to look, or you are underweight and are wanting to lose more weight, you should ask for advice from a loved one. Once you have a good reason for wanting to start, keep this thought in your mind and stay focused on the goal. You should enjoy the journey as much as you enjoy the idea of achieving your end goal. Also, keep in mind fitness is not a short-term fix, this should become a part of your lifestyle.

Find A Close Gym

Convenience is key, and attending a gym that is close distance to where you live or work will make it seem easier to go to the gym. If you have a gym near you that has good enough facilities for you to enjoy your workouts, and that is also within walking distance you are off to a good start. Factoring commute costs into the gym can be off-putting, so making sure you attend a gym that is close to your workplace might also be a practical idea if you already have to pay a portion for commuting there. If you always bring your gym clothes to work, realistically there are no excuses to not go to the gym before or after work.

Get A Personal Trainer

Investing in a personal trainer is also a fantastic way to build up your tolerance and confidence for the gym. They will show you all the correct exercises you should be doing that you can take away and try out in your workouts. If you wanted a trainer full-time, you might feel more pressure in a positive way to start showing up for your workouts. If you have a portion of the money invested into a trainer, then you may feel more inclined to attend the workouts. In some cases, you can see faster progression with trainers, as the experienced ones know exactly what works and what doesn’t, saving you time with reaching your goal fitness faster.

Dress For The Occasion

Having the correct wardrobe is not often acknowledged concerning gym fitness. For a lot of fitness fanatics if they look good they feel good. Having gym attire such as cropped hoodies and gym leggings that make you look good can help with your gym self-esteem. Aside from this, having the correct gym attire can help optimize your workouts and gain more from your time in the gym. For example, lighter and more active materials are considered as best for workouts due to their ability to cool the body down better and allow more airflow through the fabrics.

By Andy