Netflix Alternatives

OTT platforms witnessed considerable spike like never before, the winds are now shifting in favor of digital domains for the film and entertainment industry, and away from general release of movies in theatres. Encouraged by this, streaming platforms are persistently exploring and improving new models to attract viewers.

Netflix is one of the leading video streaming OTT platforms in the world and has garnered tremendous popularity in recent years. With over 182 million paid subscriptions worldwide as of 2020, the company truly has a global presence with content from all across the globe. Their breadth of material and the use of the latest AI and Machine learning technology to provide viewers with smart recommendations have enhanced overall user experience and improved their customer base.

It’s said, if you have been a long time user who has watched most of their content or are wondering if there are other services out there for you which do not blow a large hole in your pocket you can either get premium accounts and passwords from, or there are a plethora of alternatives awaiting you.

1. Disney+ Hotstar:

Hotstar is a top Indian streaming platform that recently partnered with Disney to bring magic into the small screens with a particular focus on younger viewers. They have a vast collection of Pixar, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, and 20th century Fox movies, to name a few.

Besides, they have a lot of popular movies, and TV shows that one can watch using a single subscription.

The main attraction is that it allows one to watch free movies and TV serials without a subscription or an online account and also allows one to download them for an unlimited period in HD or low quality. The Disney + HotStar annual subscription costs as low as Rs.399/- whereas Disney + Hotstar premium costs Rs.1499/- per year.

2. YouTube:

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, which Google acquired back in 2006, is one of the oldest and most dominant streaming platforms available. YouTube has a wide range of content ranging from video clips, music videos, documentary films, educational videos, and live streams.

Nowadays, most people have a google account, which can be used to access YouTube. YouTube not only gives you free access to video clippings from your favorite movies and TV shows, but it also covers a broad range of content ranging from trailers, bloopers, off-screen news and stories regarding your favorite characters or celebrities. While being an economical option, it does not limit the scope of the content to officially produced shows.

3. Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime is one of the biggest competitors that Netflix has. If you are an amazon prime member, along with the free shipping, unlimited access to music, and same-day delivery, you are also entitled to their Prime video service, which offers an exclusive range of original series and movies. The subscription can be shared among multiple members, a feature unique to Netflix until now.

The USP of Amazon Prime Video is that it offers original content and latest releases at low prices. While the only charges you would have to bear are those for an Amazon Prime membership, the Prime Video Service comes with no additional cost, making this a popular choice among millions of existing Amazon customers.

4. Zee 5:

If you are looking for thrilling showbiz and content in your Indian language, then Zee5 is the solution. It has a wide range of original shows, world digital premieres of movies and TV series. It has content spanning across twelve languages. The best part is that you can catch up with popular live TV channels. It is a one-stop-shop that has everything that a regular Indian viewer may want.

The subscription fee is Rs. 99/- per month and Rs. 999/- per year. So what Zee5 essentially gives you is content in your local language, which may not be available on some of the more significant platforms. The subscription also comes at relatively affordable prices.

5. Tubi TV:

Tubi TV is one of the most underrated advertisement-supported video streaming platforms. Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, this is a free service. Therefore it does not have any original series or latest movies but has a lot of old, classic films and series. It has partnerships with studios like Paramount and MGM.

Tubi TV also has a devoted section called Not on Netflix that fundamentally has the shows which are not found on Netflix. It has nearly 50,000 titles on its site. It does not need VPN, unlike other free video streaming sites, as this is legal and safe.

6. Crackle:

Like Tubi TV, Sony’s crackle is also a free service with unlimited classic movies. It is based on the advertisement-supported OTT platform. Crackle is a joint venture between Sony Pictures Television, Columbia Pictures, and Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment.

The content of this site changes each month. Crackle is available in 21 countries and three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish). Crackle consists of original series along with contents obtained from other companies.

To conclude, there are many streaming services mushrooming regularly. Each OTT platform has a set of targeted viewers and provides unique features and content. In today’s digital era, the viewer has the liberty to choose between multiple streaming services going far beyond Netflix based on their personalized needs and preferences.

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