Wedding Lehenga

Your wedding lehenga is one of the most precious outfits for life long. Your most precious lehenga is now ready to be packed in a box and stored safely so that nothing damages it.

The outfit has given you a lot of memories and it will be in your heart forever. When you look at it, you remember all those beautiful and silly moments which you spent wearing it.

That pretty color, the heavy embellishments, the blouse and dupatta everything just makes you smile.

You have spent a lot of money on your wedding lehenga and now you are a newly wedded bride and now your lehenga will be placed somewhere safely so that you can easily find it and use it another time easily.

Now the question arises how to store your lehenga in the right way so that it remains safe and secure for a longer time.

Get the Lehenga Dry Clean

Lehenga Dry Clean

When you are done with the wedding celebration give your lehenga a dry clean or a vacuum clean. Without any further delay get it dry cleaned as soon as possible. This will help to maintain the outfit in its original form.

Your lehenga may have some very delicate embellishments which may damage due to laundry cleaning.

Therefore dry cleaning is a better option to save your lehenga from dirt as well as from getting it damaged too.

Check it Properly Before Storing

After getting it cleaned, check the outfit properly. Go through each and every piece of attire in depth to find out whether all the strings and embellishments are proper or not.

If you find anything missing or damaged then get it done right and then store the outfit.

It may happen that you find some stains on the dupatta or at the skirt. If you keep the lehenga without checking it then you may find it reimbursed the next time you take it out. So it is necessary that you check everything before storing it.

Don’t Think of Hanging It

Do not use hanger

Do not use hangers to hang your clothes as you don’t know when you are going to wear it the next time. If you hang it the zari work may get damaged due to other clothes touching it daily, so don’t ever think of hanging it.

It is not advisable as your lehenga is heavy in weight and if you hang it the fabric may loosen and the outfit may get torn at different places. Always keep in mind to fold and store it and not just hang it in the wardrobe.

Fold it with a Proper Care

The method of folding must also be proper. Use butter paper while folding the lehenga and keep it in between so that the embroidery doesn’t get affected and it remains the same for years.

You can go through some tutorials online to know how you can fold your lehenga in the right way.

All the three pieces that are the blouse, skirt and dupatta must be folded in the right manner and kept safely into the bag and box.

Your precious outfit should be wrapped and packed properly so that it takes less space in your cupboard and can be stored conveniently.

Use Both a Bag and a Box

use bag

Don’t just settle by folding the lehenga and keeping it in a carry bag. Also find a box for it in which you can keep it safe from insects, dust and bacteria. First keep it in the polythene bag and then put it in the box so that it remains safe all the time.

Rather than using a cardboard box, keep it in a small suitcase box so that you can keep it anywhere.

The cardboard may damage if something falls on it accidentally. So it’s better to choose a safe and secured box for it.

Keep Naphthalene Balls

You may have seen your mom keeping the small white balls in the cupboard. They are the naphthalene balls which are used to kill moths and other fiber insects which protect clothes from all the pests.

The balls contain toxic chemicals which keeps the bacteria away. They also restrict bad odor in the cupboard.

So when you pack your lehenga, keep one or two naphthalene balls in it so that the outfit smells good and even remains safe. You can also keep some cloves or cedar oil balls for a pleasant smell inside the box.

 Allow it to Breathe Once a Year

bridal lehenga

Allow your bridal lehenga to breathe once in a year. Take it out, keep it in the sunlight for sometime and let it breathe. If there might be some bad odour or fungus on your cloth they will vanish due to sunlight.

Your fabric will remain maintained and you will come to know the damages if there are any. You might have seen that if you don’t use cotton clothes for years and keep it as it is then they get torn and damaged when you pick them up.

So it is important to let your outfit breathe for a day or two when you take it out.

 Transform it to Wear Again

transform your lehenga

Is there any wedding coming? Or you are planning to transform your lehenga into something interesting and wear it on karwachauth? It’s a good choice, now once again you can wear your bridal lehenga and remember all those memories.

Try to match a contrast dupatta that will give the entire outfit an extraordinary and exemplary appearance.

Alternate the accessories and dupatta draping style so that you can get a different look as compared to the wedding look.


So here are the tips on how to store your bridal lehenga. There are so many options to buy a lehenga.

You can get some beautiful Surat lehenga wholesale from online or offline stores or can go to some nearby markets to have a look and find the right one for yourself.

It will be everything depending on your choice so choose the most valuable and precious one for yourself.

By Andy