Format a Flash Drive

Today digital arena people use the flash drive to store personal and professional data like audio, video, images, document etc. in flash drive. Flash drive stored data always prone to lose due to virus attack, human error, improper ejection etc. Following this accident, USB not formatted error, USB not recognized or readable and another issue occur. The only way to resolve the problem is to format the flash drive. But maximum users cannot do this, as formatting will cost entire their data on the device.

Pen Drive

So, is this possible to format A flash drive without losing data? Yes, it is. In this article, we would discuss how to format A flash drive without losing data. Just read on to know the ultimate solution.

How to Save the Flash Drive Data Before Formatting?

As we all know, formatting will delete entire the data pen drive, USB flash drive, and memory card. But in a few particular cases, users have to format their flash drive to recover corrupted or RAW flash drive, SD or external hard drive and resolve few problems. Then searching a way to resolve damaged flash drive without losing data become quite crucial.

Here, users are suggested to execute a fast data recovery to recover data from the flash drive before formatting it if users want to keep entire their data. Pen drive recovery tool, a trustworthy application which is helpful in entire data loss cases, such as restore files from flash drive not recognized, restore data from a raw drive, convert raw to NTFS or fat 16, 32, etc. can assist users to do this job with ease. With its powerful data recovery capacity, this is the best solution for users to do format USB flash drive without losing any data.

Format A Flash Drive Without Losing Data

You may follow below two guide tips and apply pen drive data recovery software to format USB flash drive without losing data now:

Recover Data From Formatted Flash Drive Without Losing Data by Using Reliable Tool

You can recover your data from the formatted flash drive by using the third party software. It recovers deleted, corrupted and formatted data from USB flash drive. It is able to recover all types of data such as image, audio, video, personal and professional files, and folders etc. It is the best way for data recovery.

Step 1. Connect Your USB flash drive to your computer

Insert your USB flash drive into a USB port that is available to your computer.
Download and Install The Pen Drive Data Recovery Software. See if the USB drive appears in the drive list. Hit the “Refresh disk” icon if the software did not detect any external storage device.

Step 2. Software Provide To Recovery Option

Select the partition which contains data and Scan. Select Scan for Deleted and Corrupted data and for Formatted Scan for formatted partition data recovery.

Step 3. Now Software Preview the Data

Now software preview the recovered data in the preview panel of the pen drive data recovery tool.

Step 4. Save Recovered Data

Now users can save their recovered data at desired location.