Peugeot 301

The new Peugeot 301 displays the brand’s stylistic codes. The rear lights have an opaline three-claw design. The high-quality passenger compartment keeps passengers comfortable. Peugeot 301 has exclusive services and equipment, including a reversing camera, Mirror Screen triple play connectivity, 7″ touchscreen and 3D TomTom navigation system.

In addition to the above, below are 12 amazing facts about the 301 which you might now know:

  1. The new Peugeot 301 is manufactured in Vigo, Spain and follows the highest manufacturing standards of PSA Group. It is equipped with top-level safety equipment, including a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) and EBA (emergency brake assist). There are 3-point seat belts in the rear as well as side and front airbags that protect the passengers. The rear seats have Isofix attachments for kids. Peugeot 301 is equipped with a 7″ diagonal capacitive screen. It’s the interface for the reversing camera and the 3D TomTom navigation system.
  2. The car is designed to withstand various challenging driving and weather conditions. Precise lines sculpt the large bodywork surfaces. The brand name is on the top strip of the vertical grille with the Lion in the center. The grille is sharply defined by the 3-material headlights that lie flush with the bodywork. It features Peugeot’s LED signature lighting and is painted in the same color as the vehicle. The car has a storage area of at least 640 liters.
  3. Peugeot 301 is equipped with the latest generation Euro 6 engine. The car’s petrol range is based on the 1.6L VTi 115 and 1.2L PureTech 82 engines. The 1.6L VTi 115 engine can be combined with the six-speed EAT6 automatic gearbox. The car’s doors open wide, giving easy access to a modern passenger compartment.
  4. The driver’s seat has an ergonomic design. The driver can adjust the height of the seat and leather steering wheel. The radio controls can be operated with the right hand and the speed limiter or cruise control can be operated with the left hand.
  5. Peugeot 301 is available in 7 colors. Three of the colors are new – Deep Blue, Artense Grey, and Moka Grey. The car’s compartment is practical and comfortable in the rear and front. It can accommodate 5 passengers, thanks to the 2.65m wheelbase of the chassis. Passengers have 1.40m elbow width in the rear and 1.41m in the front. Those in the back seat have legroom ranging from 12 cm to 26 cm. It depends on the front seat’s position. The passenger compartment also offers plenty of storage space.
  6. The car’s onboard connectivity allows you to set up communication between the vehicle and your phone regardless of the model you own. Drivers can control their driving apps on their smartphones. They only need to touch the capacitive touchscreen and access content using the diagonal screen with a remarkable display definition. You can activate the screen through your voice via voice recognition or by tapping it with your finger. The 3D TomTom navigation system shows the fall and rise of the roads in 3D for intuitive guidance.
  7. The Peugeot 301 has a modern design that delivers a high level of passive and active safety. The reversing camera and rear parking aid make parking easier by displaying the area behind the car on the large screen. The Peugeot 301 boasts high-performance dynamic handling and high-quality suspension systems. The vehicle is also equipped with Michelin 195/55 R16T tires Goodyear or Bridgestone 185/65 R15T tires, 8” or 9″ drums and 266mm diameter brake discs at the rear and front. Any dips or bumps are absorbed thanks to the running gear that offers the perfect balance. The car features appropriately attuned electric power steering which offers precise driving sensations.
  8. The new Peugeot 301 is equipped with PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engine. Its 50 kW/l power reduces fuel consumption by 25% and ensures driving pleasure. The vehicle also follows the Euro 6 standards. The piston pin, tappets, and piston rings have a Diamond-Like Carbon coating that reduces friction loss by about 30%. The wet timing belt is combined with a crankcase, so the car runs silently. The PureTech engine has a variable displacement oil pump that is pilot-operated for optimum operating pressure.
  9. The chamber’s aerodynamics and ignition have also been adjusted to operate with high levels of residual gases. The cylinder head has been made through the Investment Casting Process, which reduces the volume and parts of the unit. The cylinder head features a coolant output module, engine mounting, and exhaust manifold.
  10. The new Peugeot 301 has an automatic gearbox with Quickshift technology that guarantees driving pleasure, thanks to fast and smooth gear changes. The CO2 emissions are also reduced due to the reduction in internal slippage and internal friction. It emits 154g CO2/km with the six-speed EAT6 automatic gearbox and 148g CO2/km with the five-speed manual gearbox. The car has been designed to meet various uses and destinations. It can meet the driver’s expectations when driving in challenging conditions like damp or cold climates and poor-quality roads. A protective plate cover can be attached under the engine to take on rugged destinations.
  11. There’s also a double sealing barrier on the car doors to protect it against moisture, dust, and noise. The car has mudguards that are molded from a material with increased resistance to cold temperatures. Many components both outside and inside the passenger compartment are bolted on to guarantee lasting strength. The engine air supply is placed at the front to capture cooler air. The car’s horn has a diaphragm that can withstand water spray.
  12. The new Peugeot 301 offers 3 levels of heating/air conditioning. The electronic and manual air conditioning systems are fitted with air ducts for optimized performance. The passenger compartment heats up quickly, thanks to the electrical heating resistors. The equipment is composed of a heated windscreen base and heated seats. The opening controls can be controlled from inside the passenger compartment.