5 Common Myths about Chocolate

Chocolate is generally considered a guilty food, simply because of its high sugar content. I understand from the perspective of people who are suffering from obesity and weight issues. But chocolate is healthier than what most of us think.

Here I list some common myths that we associate with chocolate –

  1. Contains more caffeine

The concentration of caffeine in chocolate is much lower than in a cup of coffee which usually has 92 mg of caffeine. This means chocolate has just about the right content of caffeine required keeping you alert and awake. A square of chocolate contains only 22 mg of caffeine.

  1. White coating means it is bad for consumption

We often see a white layering on chocolate, especially if it is left out of refrigerator for long or stored in high temperature. The condition is called Fat Bloom. Some of you may think it is unfit for consumption; however it is absolutely safe to consume.

  1. Chocolate is only sugar 

Chocolate is highly healthful, especially dark chocolate. If you are eating purely because of its healthful side, it’s better to consume dark chocolate which is high on cocoa content. It is extremely rich in antioxidants, magnesium and zinc, making it beneficial for people with heart and cardiovascular issues. You can keep the sugar content out of picture by consuming it in moderation.

  1. Dark chocolate means no milk 

While it’s true that the cocoa content in dark chocolate is more than the regular square but it is often prepared using dairy products. Though the quantity of milk varies but it is still used in its making. You can check the label for its actual composition. 

  1. Chocolate results in acne and liver spots 

Contrary to what most people believe, acne and other skin problems aren’t caused by chocolate. Staying out in sun and not keeping yourself clean are responsible for it.

Final Words –

Not only chocolate, there are numerous other foods that we love to eat but don’t, simply because we go by what we hear.

We all love to eat chocolate. Isn’t it? Be it in its raw form or as an ingredient in wonderful chocolate recipes, cocoa has its own distinguish flavor that is sour, but amazingingly sweet at the same time.

While Europe leads the pack in chocolate consumption with 36% of global consume, Asia pacific isn’t behind, eating as much as 15% of global chocolate production. America is another nation where it is consumed in large quantities.

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