Working from Home During the Quarantine
In light of the spread of the Corona virus, many employees became obligated to work from their home in order to reduce the chances of transmission of infection, but this difference in the work environment caused them a lot of problems, and significantly affected their focus and maintenance of productivity, for this and in our endeavor to maintain the safety of employees Mindfulness In light of the current climate, we decided to offer you a set of tips to maintain productivity during work from home. 

Number of hours of sleep

Make sure that you sleep regularly, that is, you sleep enough hours at night and avoid staying up late and getting up early, so you maintain your daily routine that you were following before the outbreak of the Coronavirus. This will prevent you from feeling the headache that affects your productivity, as well as fatigue and fatigue. 

Comfortable clothes

Do not wear sleepwear while you work, but when you get up and sleep in your bed, change your clothes and wear other comfortable clothes, as this will make yourself positive and prepare for work. 

Set aside a place to work

Do not work in your bed or in your bedroom. Rather, make sure to provide a place for work, preferably a separate room in which you can close and isolate yourself from your family throughout the hours of your work. This will help you enter the work environment mentally and physically, and be sure to provide lighting in order to keep you active. 


You must maintain your physical fitness under the current circumstances, so you will find yourself sitting in the same place for long hours without movement, so make sure to take short breaks regularly in order to move and extend the muscles in your neck, legs and back, and to avoid feeling pain and soreness. 

Determine a certain number of hours of work

Make sure to specify a specific period or number of hours to finish your job rather than continuing to work longer hours, or returning and getting out of the office intermittently, as this undoubtedly affects your productivity. Make sure to separate your work and home life during this time. 

Communication with colleagues

You need to enhance your mental and mental health in order to maintain your productivity at the present time, and this can be done by maintaining communication with your colleagues, friends and team members. Communicate with them over video or voice calls so you don’t get bored and isolated. 

Water and snacks

Put water and healthy snacks like nuts and fruits alongside your desk, as this will reduce interruptions in work and the kitchen every time, which affects your focus and productivity.

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