When You Meet A Gentleman After Leaving A Fuckboy

We all experience a toxic relationship at least once in our lives but we only realize it when we finally find enough courage to let go the wrong guy. We don’t understand how much emotional damaged that guy has caused unless someone good enough walks in our lives. But when the right guy arrives, we usually end up pushing him away because we are so afraid to get hurt again.

Someone you once loved left scars on your heart and soul, you don’t want to fall in love again and get attached to anyone. I am speaking your heart out, isn’t so? My point here is that if you really think that the guy is worth trying for then you should give him a chance. In the end, life is all about taking risks, right?

1 – Everything Will Go Wrong –After being in a toxic relation when you finally meet a gentleman you don’t trust him because you’ve stopped trusting everyone including yourself. A question comes to your mind every day “why did I tolerate someone so bad for so long?” And every time you expect the worst from the right person. It’s not your mistake but you need to allow your heart to trust the right guy.

2 – Don’t Overthink Things –Overthinking kills happiness and this is what you do with yourself. When you’ve been cheated on or abused, you become paranoid. You are always overthinking things about the right guy, telling yourself he is not honest and he will also hurt you. Yes, it’s true that everyone and everything we love hurt us but some people are worth suffering for.

3 – You Think He Pretends – “A good morning text, the way he takes care of you, he respects you, and the list is endless.” But you think that he is too good to be true and he will stop pretending one day. It is because you always wanted something like this but the fuckboys ruined it for you and made you believe that such guys don’t exist. But every day the right guy proves you wrong and treats you the way you deserve. If you find someone like him, never let him go.

4 – You Push Him Away –Someone in the past treated you so badly that you don’t believe in the good anymore. You fear to love, you stop believing that someone good enough will walk into your life and stay. That’s why when the right guy arrives, you don’t take seconds to push him away. But you will realize that he will never leave you because he is here to stay forever. Whenever you push him away, he will grab you in his arms and never let you go.

5 – You Always Expect Fights – Whenever an issue comes between two of you, you start playing the worst scenarios in your head like you two will fight and everything will end up. However, every issue is resolved by talking and explaining and then you feel relaxed. See, the one who truly loves you never leaves you no matter what.

6 – You Think He Is Better Off Without You –There is always one thing in your mind that he is better off without you but it isn’t so true. The way you make him feel, you do the same to him. I know you have been treated badly in past but what makes you beautiful and worth having is your innocence, your kindness, your lack of judgment and more understanding.

7 – You Overcompensate – And when you finally let your fear go, you love him with all your heart and soul. But don’t try too hard. You tried so hard in past that you ended up into pieces. Don’t try to prove yourself because the right guy already knows what you are capable of that’s why he chose you in the first place, right?

8 – You Find That Love Is Beautiful –After all the struggle and lonely crying nights, you finally learn what love really is. You start believing that love is beautiful and it isn’t supposed to hurt you. instead, when the right guy falls in love with you, his love sucks away all your pain and healing greet your scars. The right kind of love doesn’t play any games or want to see you in pain.

When you are in a relationship with the wrong guy you keep giving hopes to yourself by reading most beautiful quotes about love or watching a romantic movie. The truth is a relationship doesn’t last forever with one-sided love and efforts. But when it comes to a gentleman, everything falls into place effortlessly. Stick to the right one. Always!

By admin