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The thing about men is that they tend to realise things a little late in life. Whether it is realising that they still are in love with their ex girlfriend or it is realising that breaking up was a huge mistake, these realisations tend to come a little late to them. If common sense has recently prevailed and realisation has suddenly struck you, then you’re probably wondering what is the best way to get back together with your ex girlfriend? While there may not be a best way to do so, there are a few tips and suggestions that may help you. We have compiled these ideas for you and you can try and make them work in your favour. Here’s everything you need to know about how to win your girlfriend back.

Don’t Play Games

The thing about a relationship is you shouldn’t be playing games if you want it to work. Men who are looking to get back together with an old flame or an ex girlfriend may instinctively try to play games and act like they are hard to get in front of the woman in question. Women don’t like it when men play games. Contrary to popular belief, women are most secure and comfortable when a man is straightforward and honest about his feelings. If you think that you will be able to play games and trick your ex girlfriend into accepting you back, you’re only dreaming. Additionally, a relationship that is based on games can never end up lasting for a long time.

Be Honest With Her About How You Feel

You need to be extremely honest with your ex-girlfriend and tell her exactly how you feel. If you have figured out and had a realisation that you’re still in love with her, she needs to know that. It doesn’t make you any less of a man if you profess your true feelings to the woman. Don’t let your ego get in the way. She needs to know how you exactly how you feel so that she can decide what she wants to do about your feelings towards her. If you just beat around the bush, you’re only going to end up confusing her more than she already is and it will only end up being a disaster for you. Men who want to win back their ex-girlfriends need to be straightforward, forthright and honest about their feelings.

Take Her Out If She Is Willing To Meet You

Once you have professed your feelings to her, you should take her out. By taking her out we don’t mean that she needs to be taken out on a date, but maybe just a friendly meal or for a cup of coffee. Just because you have told her how you feel that doesn’t automatically indicate that she will jump right back into the relationship with you. Maybe she needs time to think about how she feels. She may also need time to believe that you’re capable of being a better person that you were while the both of you were together before the breakup. The best way to slowly ease her back into the relationship is by taking her out every few days. A meal, a movie or even just a drive late at night may help in building her confidence back in you.

Give Her Time And Space

If you’re expecting her to jump right back into the relationship the second you profess your feelings, you’re only fooling yourself. You need to give her some time to figure out whether she still feels the same way about you. Whether she is ready to jump back into the relationship and give you and the relationship a second chance. Now in order to figure out where she stands, she will require a little bit of time and space. If you’re going to keep hounding her for a response, she will only get frustrated and cornered into a wall. While you can take her out every few days, at the same time give her time to figure things out for herself. Don’t keep texting and calling her all day. If she really does love you that needs to come from within.

Avoid Stalking Her  

Another major mistake a lot of men make when they don’t know the answer of the opposite person is that they end up stalking. If you’re going to stalk her on social media, or in person, there is something definitely wrong with you. We understand that you may be extremely eager to know how she feels about you, but invading her privacy isn’t the best way to find it out. When she is ready, she herself will come up to you and tell you how she feels. Don’t stalk her at any cost because not only is that morally and ethically wrong but it’s also the behaviour of someone who is a little loony.

Don’t Show Desperation

While it is excellent to honestly express how you feel about her, showing desperation can backfire. No woman likes to be with a man who is desperate and needy. Once she is aware of how you feel, she will come forward to you once she is ready. If you start behaving desperately, it may put her off completely and make her realise why she broke up with you in the first place.

Getting back together with your ex-girlfriend doesn’t need to be as hard and complicated as you make it to be in your head. Just follow these tips and suggestions that we have for you and you can probably have her back in your arms before you know it. You need to be a better person than before if you want to get back and stay together for life with your ex. If you’re going to go back to your old behaviour once you have won her back, she may just leave again. Attempt getting back together with your ex only when you know from within that you’re a better and a more mature human being.

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