Men and women are different, and their way of communication differs also. We all know those annoying phrases that men utter to women. Maybe you are the kind of man who loves talking to women or giving them compliments, but you are not sure what to say anymore.

Maybe you are the type of man brought up in a chauvinistic society and have heard men say all kinds of annoying phrases to women. But have you ever stopped to think about the implications of such annoying phrases and words? Below we highlight some of the word combinations men use that women never want to hear.

1. And Who’s That From?

It does not matter whether you are concerned or probing for curiosity purposes. Using this annoying phrase when your woman receives a text message appears like you are trying to control her. And nobody likes such kind of control.

Everybody is entitled to their own space, even when it comes to text messages. Trying to figure out who they are talking to only shows her how intruding you are, which can annoy her. Next time, be careful not to pose such a question as it is one of those annoying phrases women hate to hear.

2. You Have Issues

It’s okay; I have got issues, and everybody does! But if a man tells this annoying phrase to a woman when they are in the middle of an argument or ranting about something, it can upset her. It is one of those words that make the woman think that the man sees her as a shattered person.

Maybe you were arguing about a small issue, but such annoying phrases can escalate matters and make the problem bigger. It can make a woman wonder, “What issues do I have that are so apparent to him?” And funny enough, a man can never make things clear when you ask him what he means by “issues.” When he uses such an annoying phrase, it is only a way of him trying to make you doubt why you are disappointed and make you feel timid about the situation.

3. I Am Bad at Replying

We all know the thrill and anxiety that accompanies text messages, especially when you are dating. But it can be infuriating when a man is behind his inbox, and all he can say is that “I’m bad at replying.” What is the woman supposed to do? Is she supposed to send a reminder note, make a follow-up or just wait until the next day when you have enough time to reply?

With dating sites becoming more prevalent in today’s scene, most people meet up and extend their chats online. We have some of the sites where singles find their ideal partners and enjoy a fulfilling dating experience. But sometimes, such relationships are often cut short by annoying phrases that are trendy in online chats.

One of them is, “I am bad at replying.” It is among the most annoying phrases found in online communication. Even those who depend on email communication have pointed out these words as the most annoying phrases they receive from email responders. It is good to work on that skill if you want to maintain healthy communication.

4.   This Is Just How I Am, and You Knew It

Well, I didn’t. Or if I knew, I chose to ignore due to the fantasy of the moment. Telling a woman such annoying phrases can tear them apart. Most men may not know it, but if we were to put it right, it is one of the top 10 most annoying phrases you can say to a woman.

It is a way of letting her know that your life will remain that way and you are not going to change. Sometimes, relationships call for you to compromise certain aspects of your life or modify your behavior to succeed and enjoy some happiness. But it can be frustrating if you use annoying phrases or words that show you are not willing to change for the relationship’s sake.

5.   It Is up to You

Decision-making is part of any relationship. You have to decide where to stay, where to go for your vacation, where to work, or which school to send your children to. Making such decisions is not always easy, and all a woman wants is for the man to help them out and not utter annoying phrases.

However, most men don’t take such tasks seriously and often tell a woman annoying phrases such as, “It’s up to you.” This is one of those annoying phrases that serve no purpose. It only makes a woman feel stranded and left alone. As a man, using such annoying phrases shows you don’t care and that your woman should be responsible for everything.

Wrapping Up

Words have the power to make or break relations. Men tend to use words or annoying phrases that appear normal and harmless but wreak emotional havoc on women. It is wise for men to be aware of annoying phrases that hurt their female counterparts to avoid awkward situations in their conversations.

So, what are the most annoying phrases you have heard from a man? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the best dating sites on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

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